Bursa Cable Car European Steel Structure Award Candidate

In the category of National Steel Construction Awards, the Bursa Kadıyayla Cable Car Station project, which was awarded with an unanimous prize in partnership with Robert College Murat Karamancı Student Center and Vodafone Arena, qualified to participate in the European Steel Structure Awards competition. The competition, which is attended by a large number of steel construction projects throughout Europe, will be determined by the popular vote on social media. Those who want to support Bursa in the competition where the best steel construction application in Europe will be determined www.facebook.com They can use their votes at.

The JNUMX Jury, the National Steel Construction Awards, organized every two years by the Turkish Structural Steel Association (TUCSA), gathered at the Association of Turkish Constructional Steel Association on Saturday, 2016 Saturday. It was determined that the 12 project delivered was in compliance with the conditions stated in the specification. The number of 2016 of the projects has been determined as ”Construction Award Category de and 16 is included in” Project Award Category Proj. Robert College Murat Karamancı Student Center, Vodafone Arena and Bursa Kadıyayla Cable Car Station projects were awarded unanimously in the Construction Category in the evaluation made in terms of the level of compliance with the li qualifications required in the project Şart.

European Structural Steel Association (ECCS) realized that the European Steel Design Awards, will represent Turkey in three projects at Robert College Murat Karamancı Student Center, was Vodafone Arena and Bursa Kadıyayl the Cable Car Station project. The first one will be determined by public vote on social media, and voting on facebook will continue until September 14. Many outstanding projects across Europe have participated in the www.facebook.com by entering the address.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 17:03

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