Aziz Sancar Ship Arrived, Fleet Completed

15 of the ships that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality specially manufactured within the scope of "Maritime Transport Development Project" joined the fleet. High speed professor equipped to navigate international waters. Dr. Aziz Sancar ship was brought to Izmir after its construction was completed.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which developed sea transportation in the city with modern, comfortable, fast and environmentally friendly ships, added 15 of the specially produced ships to its fleet. Metropolitan Municipality, the new fleet to the last ship to win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2015 and this title accessing born in Turkey also have the distinction of being the first scientist Prof. Dr. He gave the name of Aziz Sancar.

Make international voyages
While 15 of the 13 passenger ships produced within the scope of the "Maritime Transport Development Project" of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality were designed for the inner gulf voyages, the Ihsan Alyanak vessel received in June and the last vessel of the fleet. Dr. Aziz Sancar was built and certified in accordance with the High Speed ​​Boat (HSC) code. Both ships reaching 30 knots speed will be able to make international voyages. Examination and acceptance procedures started. Dr. Aziz Sancar ship will be put into service after receiving the cruise permits.

Not on these ships
As the other ships of the fleet, the main building material is produced from 'carbon composite' material, which is stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, more durable, longer life and low operating costs. Dr. Aziz Sancar ship has a capacity of 400 passengers and 4 wheelchairs. The ship, which has a full electronic control system and maneuverability, is able to dock and leave the piers in a very short time. The ships consist of two floors and have a closed area on the main deck and a closed and open area on the upper deck. With its comfortable and ergonomic seats, wide distance between the seats is provided. There is also a palpable surface for visually impaired passengers and, where necessary, embossed warning and direction signs in Braille Alphabet. There are 2 men, 2 women and 1 disabled toilet on the ships, as well as a baby care table. In order to meet the needs of the new ships in İzmir during the voyage, automatic kiosks and hot-selling buffets where cold and hot drinks were sold, as well as television and wireless internet equipment were created. Another feature of the ships is that there are 10 bicycle parking spaces. There are air conditioning system for the passengers to travel comfortably, and there are independent pet cages for their friends.



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