Four New Railway Line Projects to Oman

In the Sultanate of Oman, it was decided to establish a new railway line consisting of 24 sections prepared by Oman Rail which is the organization responsible for the construction of railways and which was put into force within the framework of the Sultansal Decree 2017 / 4.

The line is planned to connect the country's Thumrayt, Marmul, Hayma and Duqm regions. These regions, detailed in the map below, are the areas where the oil and mining resources of the country are the most intense and at the same time, especially the infrastructure with a low level of development. If the said project is implemented, it is aimed to provide transportation to the Duqm, Salalah and then Sohar Ports. The project is planned to cost around US $ 2,5 Billion.

It is also known that a tender has been opened for technical consultancy firms with at least 5 years of experience in the JCC principles in order to determine the route and operations. The construction of the superstructure will be commenced after the final route is determined.

The following web pages indicate that Oman Rail can be contacted directly.



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