Tram in the Mosque

Located between Kılıçarslan City Square and Kulturpark, the historical Shazibey (Ak Mosque) is about 7;

Located in the middle of the city, one of the most important historical monuments of Konya, Şazibey Mosque, near the tram every day dozens of times due to the small-scale earthquake. The 2, which had been restored years ago, caused a small cross-section on the eastern side walls due to a nearby tram line. The tremors that the mosque community has noticed continue to increase by almost every day. During the prayer, some elders feared because of the shaky mosque community, this situation they want to find a solution as soon as possible. Many people are disturbed by the iron friction sound caused by the tram passing too close to the number of congregations coming to the mosque. The tram, which passes by the 7 meters of the mosque every day dozens of times, damages both the historical and the community.


Some geology, civil engineers and historians have made important warnings. Experts pointing out that the shocks caused by the tram in the historical mosque will be a big problem in the years to come, they said that the mosque could be destroyed until 25 year. In such a case, early and important measures should be taken voicing experts, nothing was late for nothing passed. Art history experts who talked about the subject said that the mosque has an important place for Konya. History experts stressing that there are deficiencies in the preservation of historical artifacts Şazibey (Ak Mosque) for the necessary measures should be taken as soon as possible.

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