Trabzon Economy from Rail System wins

President of the Chamber of Architects Gürol Ustaömeroğlu made a statement about the transportation problem in Trabzon. Ustaömeroğlu said, 'The traffic density experienced in Trabzon this year is a clear warning. This city can never lift another year with this transportation network and the logic of this transportation. Bu

… Very urgent and immediate iv “
Ustaömeroğlu emphasized that urgent action plan should be declared very urgently, and iv A transportation master plan which addresses a civilized city should be implemented without any time. The rail system that will serve between Beşikdüzü - Of is the most important touchstone in solving the traffic problem. We've been writing and drawing for 25 years. In the last 50 yearly time this city has finished the main road of 3. One of the first coastal roads with a sea fill. Another tangent road. The last one is a serious sea fill and the Samsun Hopa Divided Road in the urban passage. Furthermore, the construction of Kanuni Boulevard, which is another parallel path to the sea, continues. Ayrıca

Ekonom Trabzon economy gains from rail system “
Gürol Ustaömeroğlu stated that the rail system will contribute to the city economy and said: ol For many years millions of people have been transported on these routes. Accidents and casualties. Traffic jams and carbon emissions are already in business. But the rail system is not brought to this city with the prediction of the loss. I think whoever is doing this statistic is mistaken or deliberately misleading. Let's come to private transportation; If each family member owns his own car, each tourist has to use a rental car, if each private company establishes a fleet in order to provide vehicles for each element ına .vs etc etc, this city continues to experience the traffic problem with the surplus of Istanbul. But again, if a civilized rail system has come to Trabzon on the shoreline, sensitive people, including those I count, stop using automobiles. Trabzon economy gains from both rail system. Our national economy gains from both fuel savings. With the reduction of carbon emissions, our atmosphere wins. Hem

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