TCDD Announces Expedition Freight Train in Elazığ

The 5349-train freight train, which is 13, going from Elazığ direction to Malatya, could not stop at Şevkat Train Station in Baskil district because the brake was unloaded. The freight train, which did not stop despite the intervention of the machinists Mehmet Kirkin and Sergen Ayverdi, was derailed in the location of Şelmut Deresi.

In the accident, the mechanics Kirkin and Ayverdi died at the scene.

The fire caused by the flaming of the dry grass during the accident was extinguished by the intervention of the surrounding.

Due to the accident the train services were stopped for a while.


In the written statement made by the General Directorate of TCDD, it was noted that the train number 53049, which goes from Elazığ to Malatya, has been derailed by an unknown reason during the course between Şefkat Baskil stations at 19.40.

2 trainees on the train lost their lives, the statement said, started the investigation of the judicial and administrative investigation about the accident.

Günceleme: 17/12/2018 19:16

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  1. the accident is being investigated means to pass the incident .. similar accidents have happened a lot. has the reason been declared?. if there are no errors, the brakes will not be released .. ie the brakes will not hold .. if the administrators are railroaders or real experts investigate the subject, there will be a mistake…. Even if he is retired, he should take advantage of it. He should value experts and not send him to exile. If necessary, he should come to the glass, if necessary, an expert from abroad (not from the university) should come ... let's get rid of the real error. .