We Need to Establish Our Domestic and National Industry in Rail Transportation

Inspirational pectas
Inspirational pectas

The aim of the Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster, which is established with the belief of cooperation, cooperation and national brand, is; to produce domestic and national brand rail transportation systems from design to final product and to make our national brands produced as world brands. In our cluster covering all Anatolia, there are 17 industrialists from Ankara to Bursa, from Istanbul to Malatya, from Afyon to Sivas.

2003 was the milestone for railways

1950 was a milestone for railways in 2003-2003-15 railways and city rail systems. In the last 12 year, huge projects were put into practice by implementing giant projects on railways. Turkey currently has a total 466 XNUMX thousand kilometers of railways network. In recent years, we have reached the eighth position in the world with our high speed rail lines.

Nowadays, 2023 thousand km high speed train, 10 km new conventional train line, electrification and signaling works are going on at great speed in line with 4.000 year targets. In 2023 is the total 26.000 km along with fast train lines, while in 2035 30.000 km. to reach the railway line targets.

In addition to the renewal and signaling works carried out on the railways, the ongoing logistics centers, the Baku-Kars-Tbilisi railway, the Marmaray Project, the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the Eurasia Tunnel, the BALO project, which is the first railway in the world, and so on. As with other projects will increase its share in the total transport of rail transport in Turkey xnumx'y% work continues unabated.

In recent years, the railway sector attracted the attention of private sector and foreign firms with the investments of approximately 58 billion TL. Thus, the restructuring of the institution and major changes in the sector were paved the way.

Total line length will exceed 2023 km in 27.000

After Ankara-Eskisehir-Konya-Karaman-Istanbul YHT train lines; Ankara-Izmir-Sivas-Bursa YHT lines will be completed and 46, which corresponds to the 15 of the country's population, will be connected with YHT.

In addition to all these developments in railways, the investments of metropolitan municipalities in the city rail system have increased as a result of the tendency of the city rail system for passenger transportation. Especially in Istanbul, the 2004 45 network before the 2017 will reach 150 km in 2019 and 441km in XNUMX.

Service opened Marmaray, the Eurasia Bosphorus Tube Tunnel, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and is still to be completed in 2023 with ongoing new metro lines built in the city targeted rail line length 740 km, other provinces in our city rail transport system investments, together with all the in Turkey It is planned that the length of the urban rail system will increase to 2023 km by 1100. Thus, the total length of intercity and urban rail transport lines will exceed 2023 km in 27.000.

The bill of foreign dependence 15 billion euros

We have to move to domestic and national production in order to reach the target of 500 billion dollars export, to close the foreign trade deficit, to create employment, to prevent unemployment, to prevent foreign exchange going abroad, to support our development.

Since 1990 in our country, 12 has different brands from 14 countries; Siemens, Alstom, Bombardier, Hyundai Rotem, ABB, CAF, Ansaldo Breda, Skoda, CSR, CNR, Mitsubishi etc. 9 units were purchased with a total value of 2570 billion Euros. Our country has become a foreigner with foreign exchange losses, spare parts, stock costs and labor extra expenses. The total bill with extra expenses is 15 billion euros!

2012 year has been a turning point for Turkey in local and national production. After this date, at least% 51 domestic contribution period started in all tenders, our national brands were born. 5 2012 324 51 in the tender of the tender in Ankara and won the 60 subway vehicle tender result of the great efforts of ARUS as a result of the XNUMX domestic contribution to the requirement of this historic decision after all the rail transportation tenders domestic contribution level at a great pace all over the country has spread and has now reached% XNUMX domestic contribution.

ARUS members have the spirit of unity and solidarity, as a result of team work, Istanbul tramway, Ipekböceği, Talas and Panorama Trolley, Green City LRT, Malatya TCV Trambus, E1000 Electric Maneuvering Locomotive, electric and diesel locomotive brands in passenger and freight transportation. started to remove.

Our 2012 domestic and national rail transportation vehicles produced in our country since 224 started to serve in our cities. We, as ARUS, are struggling to produce domestic and national 2023 trams, LRT, Metro, 7000 units Electric and Diesel Locomotives and 1000 units YHT trains that our cities need until 96.

In 2015, ARUS played an active role in the development of the Communiqué of the Indigenous Product and the Industrial Cooperation Program (SIP) in the workshops to increase the domestic contribution requirement for foreign purchases. The Domestic Property and Industry Cooperation Program has finally become a state policy.

51 billion euros with the requirement of% 360 domestic contribution remains in our country

Now, both domestic and municipal procurement requirements have started to be implemented. Therefore, 2023 pieces of high speed trains and 96 units, 7000 pieces of electric locomotives, 250 diesel locomotives, 350 suburban sets and 500 billion euros in thousands of passenger and freight wagon tenders together with its infrastructure investments, it will make a significant contribution to keeping the 20 billion euro in the country's economy.

With these new domestic production policies in Turkish industry, 2023 will be offered at least 700 billion euros in 51 billion-euro tenders in aviation and defense, energy, transportation, communication, information technologies and health sector. the country will remain in our industry, the current account deficit and unemployment problems will be solved, employment will increase, the national industry's wheels will start to rotate and the world will be among the first 360 economy.

There is an 1,8 trillion dollar market in the world. As we realize our national projects, we have already started our efforts to get our share from this market.

The latest events show that neither America, nor the EU countries, nor Russia, nor China. If we cannot produce our own national brands, if we cannot develop our national industry, we cannot avoid being the market of these countries.

Now is the time to give hand in hand, unity, national and national brands.

If we don't do this until 2023, we'll never catch this opportunity again.

Source: İlhami PEKTAŞ - ARUS Coordinator- I www.ostimgazetesi.co

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