The Roadmap of TÜDEMSAŞ is Determined in the External Stakeholder Common Mind Platform

TÜDEMSAŞ external stakeholders in the Common Mind Platform Roadmap Set: "TÜDEMSAŞ External Stakeholders Platform Common Mind" workshop Turkey guiding organizations to railways, bureaucrats, academics and was carried out with the participation of private sector representatives. At the end of the workshop, the road map that Tüdemsaş will follow was determined.

"TÜDEMSAŞ External Stakeholders Platform Common Mind" workshop Turkey guiding the leaders of the Railways, bureaucrats, academics and was carried out with the participation of private sector representatives. During the workshop, ideas were exchanged to determine the strategic goals of TÜDEMSAŞ and to create a roadmap.

The "TÜDEMSAŞ External Stakeholder Common Mind Platform" organized within the scope of the "Strategic Management, Process Management and Internal Control System Creation Project" initiated with TUBİTAK / TÜSSİDE for the development and improvement of TÜDEMSAŞ's corporate management system was held at Sivas Thermal & Spa Hotel.

In his opening speech before the workshop, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan thanked TÜSSİDE and all those who participated in TÜDEMSAŞ External Stakeholder Joint Mind Platform, which they organized on the subjects of strategic management, process management and work control system.

Mehmet Akif Koseoglu, Head of the Ministry of Development's Program Monitoring Evaluation and Head of the State Economic Enterprises Department, emphasized the importance of strategic planning and strategic management in his speech.

TCDD Deputy General Manager Murat Kavak emphasized that the Cer Atelier, founded in 1939, contributed to the development of the country and said that the steam locomotive named Bozkurt was produced in TÜDEMSAŞ and it was the first national railway vehicle. Kavak stated that this development has become stable in the following years and that 50 year railways are not taken into consideration. After 2002, railways are adopted as a priority railway transportation vehicle. National and domestic mobilization has been reminded reminded Kavak until now 60 billion on railways is spending close to said.

Stating that TÜDEMSAŞ is an institution that breaks its shell and develops day by day, Sivas Governor Davut Gül stated that the institution has become to meet the needs of the future within the scope of national and domestic mobilization in recent years. Emphasizing that TÜDEMSAŞ, who has been in the lives of Sivas and Sivas since 1939, has trained qualified personnel by working as a school, contributing to the national economy and the development of the province, Gül said, “From now on, a new page should be opened. That page will be discussed and prepared for 3-4 years under the leadership of TÜDEMSAŞ, and a breakthrough has to take place in Sivas, which is formed by the private sector that produces domestic and national production for TÜDEMSAŞ. TÜDEMSAŞ in the leadership of the leadership of our state railways hope of Sivas and Turkey will make this experience, "he said.

In the TUDEMSAS Foreign Stakeholder Joint Intelligence Platform Workshop, which started after the opening speeches, with the contribution of stakeholders, it was directed to TÜDEMSAŞ; Swot Analysis, Environmental Analysis, Vision, Mission determination / updating, determining strategic targets, determination of road maps to achieve targets, and determination of suggestions for solving problem areas were applied.
After the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to see the changing and developing face of TÜDEMSAŞ. They received information about the stock tracking system by visiting the renewed material stock areas during the tour organized by TÜDEMSAŞ. During their visit to Wagon Production Factory, they saw the production stages of new generation freight wagons with TSI certificate. After visiting Wagon Repair Factory, the workshop group visited the Resource Education and Technologies Center and informed about the trainings given here.

The Governor of Sivas Davut GÜL, TCDD Deputy General Manager Murat KAVAK, Undersecretariat of Development and Undersecretariat of Treasury, UDHB Strategy Development Directorate, TCDD, TCDD Transport Inc., TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ, private sector wagon manufacturers, logistics companies, Workers and Officers Unions, Sivas Municipality, TÜDEMSAŞ to work with representatives from the Republican and Turkey participated in Karabük University subcontractors in general.

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