Flights From Russia to Samsun Started

Flights from Russia to Samsun Begins: Direct flights between Samsun and Krasnodar, Russia have started again today.

A ceremony was held at Samsun-Çarşamba Airport for passengers coming from Krasnodar to Samsun. Bombardier CRJ-200 type 54-seat aircraft belonging to Rusline company took off from Krasnodar and landed in Samsun-Çarşamba Airport in 40 minutes. Passengers consisting of business people, executives and media members; was met with flowers and local games of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Folk Dance Team. While the Russians watched folk dances with interest, some of them kept pace with the applause. The passengers then joined the cocktail held at the reception.

Stating that he is happy to see Russian guests in Samsun, Necmi Çamaş, Head of Culture and Social Affairs Department of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, said, “Our children will meet, our people will meet and our people will meet. Then our cooperation will develop. ”

Stating that these flights will bring the people of the two countries closer to each other, Rusline company Development Department President Alexey Donchenko said, "These flights will reinforce our friendship and this will be long-term."

Turan Çakır, the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, said: “We will go and go more often and get to know each other better. We completed an important process in terms of Samsun, Turkey. We all succeeded together. Good luck to our country and Russia. "

Emphasizing that today is the result of labor, Samsun Deputy Governor Recep Yüksel said, “Believing is half the success. The longest journeys start with one step. Friendships, friendships are not formed spontaneously, they require effort. Welcomed with 11 years of applause. We deserve it. "If we are neighbors for thousands of years, if we can manage to be friends despite all the difficulties, we will continue this history together for hundreds of years after these 11 years."



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