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Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ organized a blood donation campaign to support the National Safe Blood Supply Program and Türkök Project carried out by Turkish Red Crescent

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Samsun Project Transportation Reconstruction Construction Yat. Singing. and Tic. (SAMULAŞ), supported by Turkish Red Crescent National Safe Blood Supply Program and Türkök Project, supported by 'Blood Donation' campaign.

Red Crescent Samsun Branch President Dr. Habib Demirel and Red Crescent Samsun Blood Donation Center Director Dr. SAMULAŞ Board Member Kadir Gürkan made a statement about the blood donation campaign that Serdar Bayram participated in. We consider it as a duty to show sensitivity on an extremely important issue such as blood donation. We invite everyone to make a donation. This is not a mandatory thing, but also important for the citizenship duty and health, i he said.

Within the scope of the campaign, 19 SAMULAŞ employee stem cell and 27 employee blood donation, indicating that the Red Crescent Samsun Branch President. Habib Demirel said, ın We, as the Turkish Red Crescent, have been carrying out regular and voluntary donations of blood donors to ensure that the blood and blood product needs of patients treated in health institutions are met without any problems. One of our organizations that always support our efforts as corporate is SAMULAŞ A.Ş. Once again, they signed a blood donation campaign that would serve as an example to the community and other organizations with its employees. We thank the valuable managers and employees of SAMULAŞ on behalf of the lives they saved by donating blood yön.

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