Metro Istanbul's new train drivers received their ratings

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality organized the 22 Train Trainers Training organized by Metro Istanbul. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı attended the ceremony.

Professor Dr. In addition to the General Secretary Hayri Baraçlı, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Metro İstanbul General Manager Kasım Kutlu attended the ceremony held at Adem Baştürk Cultural Center.

Speaking at the ceremony, Hayri Baraçlı said that it is exciting to be involved in an institution that puts forth service with workers and labor.

Emphasizing that they are people who have grown up with the culture of 'paying the workers before they get dry' and they know how important labor is, Baraçlı said, “It is a great honor and worship to serve Istanbul. In that respect, our friends are serving at that point and they are acting with the awareness of this ”.

In the ceremony, 88 person will get more fellowship, so far the number of people who took the bureau to remind 644 Baraçlı continued his speech: da From the cradle to the grave with scientific advice, acting with an order to understand. Science will be found in China though. We will act by constantly improving ourselves. We have to master our stress at work and at home. Because we all carry life, and these souls are entrusted to us. Çünkü

Turkey is among the countries that will take place with the world's top 2023 economies in 10 Baraçlı, "His leadership of our President, our ambition for this work, we will continue on our way with our enthusiasm," he said. Emphasizing that there was a national resistance against the treacherous coup attempt on July 15 and the public objected to the coup plotters, Baraçlı continued: “We did not say that there would be any coups or coalitions in this country again after the referendum of April 16. The architects of the new Turkey will act for him always carrying the future of the country on behalf of an understanding together. For this reason, while the studies you have done and the efforts that you have made take our country to 2023 and 2071, it will indeed honor us that our children, our future generations, will see those moments and years. ”

The world's follow Turkey closely and that Turkey is a leading country Baraçlı stating that, "the president has to lead the country's leaders. We are trying to be worthy of him, '' he said.

Metro Istanbul's investment in 12 billion liras since the last years and said that the investment will continue unabated Baracli, birlikte Metro Istanbul is a big brand. Both in Turkey and in the world. We trust our organization. Your efforts are very important for us. Bu

After the speeches, General Director of Metro İstanbul Kasım Kutlu presented Genel Fahri İstanbul Brovesi “to Secretary General Baraçlı.

After that, the 22 machine trainers who completed 88 Train Trainers Training organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Metro Istanbul were given their license.

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