1915 Canakkale Bridge Republic of the 100. anniversary

1915 Canakkale Bridge Republic of the 100. will be opened on the anniversary: ​​Transport Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, 14 years, transportation, shipping and communication in the field of 340 billion pounds said they invested.

Arslan participated in the Highways, Bridges and Tunnels Specialization Fair organized by the General Directorate of Highways and the Turkish National Committee of Roads at ATO Congresium.

Turkey in the last 14 years, indicating that Armstrong takes a lot of distance, 6 thousand 100 kilometers of divided highway they had 25 thousand 350 kilometers and noted that this figure increases every day. Underlining that they attach great importance to hot asphalt, Arslan said that they increased the hot asphalt of 8 thousand kilometers above 21 kilometers.

Arslan, as of today in Turkey is 350 kilometers of tunnels, he said that the tunnel is scheduled to be completed over 60 kilometers this year.

Noting that tunnels have been built all over the country, Arslan said, “As our pride, our projects worldwide Marmaray and the immersed tube tunnels we have accomplished with it have become one of the world's first connecting the two continents by the railroad under the sea. Now, nearly 200 million people have been using Marmaray. ” said.

“1915 Çanakkale Bridge will be opened on the 100th anniversary of the Republic”

Referring to the Eurasia Tunnel, Arslan stated that the building is the deepest double-decker drilling tunnel in the world, which goes 106 meters under the sea, and reduces the 1,5-2 hour travel time to 15 minutes in Istanbul. Indicating that the project shows the point where the tunneling has reached, Arslan stated that they will crown this by making the Izmir Gulf Crossing. Providing information about the project, Arslan explained that they will make bridges, immersed tubes, artificial islands in İzmir and combine them and turn the traffic into a ring.

Armstrong, in 1915 they started the construction of the bridge and the Republic of Turkey announced that it would serve the organization 100th anniversary.

a total of 520, 2 thousand 150-kilometer bridge that transfer made in Turkey Arslan, 897 and 211 to repair the bridge that was reminiscent of the restored historic bridge meat.

“Our target is to increase the domestic contribution”

Arslan, the Ministry of Transportation, maritime and communications in the field of 14 340 billion pounds investment per year, he said. 100 thousand in the transportation family, 140 thousand people in the stakeholder sectors that attracts attention, said Arslan, said:

“They work to make the country accessible and accessible in all areas of 780 thousand square kilometers. While the 'One Way One Generation' Project from Asia to Europe is being realized, we are reinforcing and strengthening this corridor with developments in divided roads, railways, aviation, maritime and communication so that the middle corridor can be used more and we can benefit more from the location of our country. We reach the 1,5 billion population with a 3-hour flight. The gross product generated by this 1,5 billion population is $ 31 trillion. We need to finish the projects much faster so that we can get enough shares from here. ” found the assessment.

Stating that 120 companies, 160 of which are domestic, participated in the fair, Arslan said, “Many of these local companies can produce 100% locally, and there are those who produce with a great deal of domestic contribution. The domestic contribution in the tools, machinery and equipment produced by 120 companies participating in the fair is 60 percent, and our goal is to increase this rate much higher. ” he spoke.

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