Graduates of Railroad Vocational School Meet at Pilaf Day

Railway Vocational School Graduates Met at the Rice Day Event: Traditionally organized pilaf day event by the Railway Vocational School Alumni Association (DEMOK) Headquarters was held in the garden of Tülomsaş Education Center in Eskişehir.

Railway Vocational School graduates, who were in operation in various years and were subsequently closed, came together to meet those days.

President Alpaslan Taylan, who gave information about the traditional meeting day, 12 1955, founded in March 12. he said that they had met the traditional meeting.

Alpaslan Taylan, President of the Association of Railroad Vocational School Alumni, said about the pilaf day event of the Railroad Vocational School Alumni Association, one of the oldest non-governmental organizations of TCDD. There were festivities every year. After our school closed in 1998, it became a tradition to keep this air alive. Participation increases every year. Twelve years ago, 12 people attended, last year 300 people attended, this year there was a thousand people. We can do this with their great support, thanks to our elders who teach us. We have an older brother who graduated here in 800. We have Akçay night, which is our next activity and we will perform the 1948th. There is a camp of railways in Akçay district of Balıkesir and we will have a 25 week program here. The 1th year of graduation of 21 graduates will be celebrated, which will start on May 26 and end on May 1947. The entrance to the school will be celebrated by the 40 graduates. Our school has graduated 1980. Some of them have died and now we have 4189 members, most of them serve at TCDD, there are people working in other companies. We are proud of all our friends who have turned to every profession such as judges, prosecutors and professors. ” said.

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