Murat Kavak, You should not miss the opportunity to mobilize local production

Murat Kavak, You should not miss the opportunity of the mobilization of local production: Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) 3. Speaking at the Ordinary General Assembly, TCDD Deputy General Manager Murat Kavak said that the purchase and maintenance cost of the vehicles planned by TCDD and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality until 2023 reached 30 billion euros.

TCDD and its Subsidiaries are also members of the Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) 3. The Ordinary General Assembly, 13 May 2017, was held in Ankara on Saturday.

TCDD General Manager and ARUS Chairman İsa ApaydınIn addition to the members of the General Assembly, TCDD Deputy General Manager Murat Kavak, TCDD Deputy General Manager İsmail H. Murtazaoğlu and TCDD staff members, as well as Nurettin Özdebir and OSTİM Chairman, Orhan Aydın.


a speech at the General Assembly, in Turkey met with the railways In the 1856 in the early xnumx'l indicating that local and national for the first time Karakurt and Booth locomotives produced TCDD Deputy General Manager Murat Poplar, in this process the exclusion of long-term transportation modes, such as half a century of Railways he noted.

Under the auspices of the President of the Republic of 2003 a new era in the history of the history of railroads Kavak Kavak, high-speed train projects, especially the renewal of existing lines, pulling and towing the vehicle fleet, such as the rebuilding of the railroads carried out a large number of projects carried out, he said.

Kavak continued as follows: etim While these works were on the railroads, our government started mobilizing domestic and national production. The cost of purchase and maintenance of the vehicles planned by TCDD and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality until 2023 reaches about 30 billion euros. This is a good opportunity for our industrialists who want to produce these vehicles locally and nationally. You should not miss this opportunity. Bu

TCDD Deputy Director General at the end of poplar speech, "Cooperation, unity and national brand power" out with the password ARUS organizations such as the Cluster stressed that Turkey always needed.


Pointing out that the dreams are happening in domestic and national production, ASO Chairman Nurettin Özdebir said in his speech: de This sector needs to be strengthened. Or someone will crush us. Yoksa

Explaining that the railroads have made great progress in recent years, Özdebir said,, We can make comfortable trips with high speed trains between Ankara, Konya and Istanbul. Work continues for Sivas, İzmir and Pendik. If we can trust ourselves, we cannot do what we cannot do. I wish to realize the cooperation we started with ARUS in the field of rail systems in other sectors as well. Ray

  1. As a result of the elections held in the Ordinary General Assembly, TCDD and its affiliates were elected to the ARUS Board of Directors.


In addition to the producers and universities throughout Anatolia, which support the independence of our country's national and domestic production, the supporting organizations, especially TCDD, formed the ARUS Cluster in 2012.

X Rail Systems are our national laws ve ARUS, acting in a short period of time, has reached 170 company and 32.000 employees.

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