Reaction from Zamma Peker to Transportation in Sivas

Response from Zamma Peker for Transportation in Sivas: Transportation and Railroad Workers Rights Union President Abdullah Peker made a written press release due to the hike to Sivas Public Buses, which entered into force on May 15, 2017 by the Municipality of Sivas.

Peker said, “The hike done by Sivas Municipality is aphasia. Student transportation fees were increased from 1,20 TL to 1,50 TL and a 25 percent increase was made. In addition, while the full ticket prices were increased from 1,75 TL to 2 TL, a 15 percent hike was made, while the in-vehicle fee was increased from 2 TL to 2,75 TL and a 37,5 percent hike was made. He was victimized. ”

In addition, Peker stated that fuel prices have been around 4.50-5 TL / LT for a long time and said, “This point, which is shown as a reason for the raise, is not valid. The renewal fee of public buses is loaded on the shoulders of the citizens of Sivas, who served with this increase. Sivas is Turkey's most expensive public transportation. KarşıyakaThere is no direct line from to the Guide. In other words, citizens need to change 2 buses to reach one of Sivas' distant points. Unfortunately, in almost all provinces, we go with a free transfer, even if not by a single bus, and in Sivas, unfortunately, we pay in a folded way, as a punishment for his life. ”

Peker also suggested monthly card issue in public transport. Peker; “Why is the public transport monthly payment card system implemented in many provinces not implemented in Sivas? The income level of Sivas is clear, this is not an acceptable increase. ”

Peker stated that it is necessary to switch to alternative public transportation systems in order to make the public transportation system cheaper. “In Sivas, absolute public transportation alternatives should be developed. It is necessary to switch to the rail system in particular, and to use metrobus-style vehicles in the city center and Cumhuriyet University lines. ”

Expressing the subject of Kent Kart, Peker said, “Mayor Architect Sami Aydın made an explanation stating that the price increase in the vehicle was made as a punishment and made the statements“ We did it to encourage Kent Kart ”, as he made fun of Sivas's mind!” used expressions.

Peker criticized the hike, 'Tens of thousands of students use public buses to go home from Cumhuriyet University. If Sivas “City Council” will not oppose this hike, what will it oppose? I would like to report that we do not accept the hike made as consumers with these thoughts, and if the municipality does not step back on the transportation hike, we will bring the matter to the court. ”



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