Kiruna Wagon wins Swedish Steel Award 2017

Kiruna Wagon won the 2017 Swedish Steel Award: This year, Swedish Kiruna Wagon won the Swedish Steel Award. The award was given to the company's innovative wagon solution Helix Dumper. Using high-strength steel, Kiruna Wagon has developed a highly durable and much more efficient wagon solution than other wagons in the market.
"Kiruna Wagon has successfully updated a good idea and transformed it into a brand new and superior wagon solution with high strength steels," said Eva Petursson, Swedish Steel Award jury president and SSAB Strategic R&D department head Eva Petursson.

Kiruna Wagon's Helix Dumper is used as a dump wagon system for long-distance rail transport and efficient evacuation of minerals. The use of advanced high-strength and wear-resistant steels allowed the design of very light wagons combined with a fixed Helix terminal for rotary discharge while in operation. This ingenious solution offers 25.000 tons of discharge rate per hour at twice the level of other systems.

In the final design of the wagon solution, both Strenx structural steel and Hardox wear-resistant steel were used.

Compared to other systems, a complete evacuation system for Helix remains at 1/7 of the cost of a rotary wagon. In addition, Helix uses some of the potential energy of the mine to push the wagon forward during evacuation. In this way, no extra energy is required; much less dust is generated and there is almost no noise.

The institution, which won the Swedish Steel Prize, which was held for the 18th time this year, will be awarded a sculpture made by sculptor Jörg Jeschke and a cash prize of 100.000 Swiss Kroner.

The other finalists of the 2017 Swedish Steel Award were Fermel from South Africa, JMG Cranes from Italy and Wabash National from the USA.

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