First Full Electric Buses Entered Service in Izmir

Izmir First Full Electric Buses Unveiled: A diesel vehicles by saving fuel ratio 87 percent during descent on steep slopes and brake capable of producing energy when Turkey's "full electric first bus fleet" went into service in Izmir. Mayor Kocaoglu Speaking at the ceremony, "We would like Turkey, Izmir, Izmir, Turkey, we want to simulate," he said.

With the aim of ğ sustainable city duy, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality prioritizes environmental awareness in its transportation projects. İzmir's local government, which reinforces its pioneering role by making exemplary investments in this field, has now started the electric bus era in public transportation. 8.800.000 euros that "Turkey's first full-electric bus fleet" ceremony into service.

Before the commencement of the 20 electric bus, which was produced by Bozankaya company with completely domestic technology, started the ceremony in Gündoğdu Square, the people of İzmir showed great interest. Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu "Turkey joining the leading and bright as we realize another first city in Turkey today. We owe this illumination to people living in this city. We do like Turkey, Izmir, Turkey Izmir We want to simulate, "he said.

Environmental investments in public transportation
Explaining the projects and projects in the name of protecting the environment, Kocaoğlu said, t We protect the environment by making environmental investments. Accumulating the 5.3 percent of the population in Turkey, Izmir, constitute the 25 percent of total environmental investments. 5 gives more value to the environment, nature, air, water and soil. He will continue to value, Değer he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality transported the 11 km rail system to 130 kilometers, Karsiyaka-Konak trams and IZBAN Selcuk line will increase the number of 186 kilometers, said President Aziz Kocaoglu, the herald of the Narlıdere subway will be thrown this year. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor continued as follows:: In our investments, we call the environment first. We will reduce the carbon footprint by 2020 by 20. We're strengthening the rail system. We have strengthened our marine fleet with our environmental vessels. We're putting in full electric buses today. When we reach the desired efficiency, we will both save and protect our environment by increasing the numbers rapidly. We are in a very special place in price policy. With the 90 minute single ticket application, we carry out an important function in terms of social municipality by transferring additional resources to the pocket of each of our fathers within the city by adding 150-200.

National Bus
Oğlu I would like to thank the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu for the future with the modern, modern and healthy investments, which has the best practices for our children, İzmir he said.

Completely environmentally friendly, so 100 electric buses e-carat company manufacturer indicating open a new page in public transportation in Turkey Bozankaya Group General Coordinator of the Nilhan Enginkurt said: "is quiet and environment-friendly buses for which we offer to Izmir's services We are very happy. Contemporary public transport system we produce beautiful Izmir in Turkey with national capabilities, advocating We are proud to present our e-carat bus. Our eco-friendly, zero-emission, electric, economical and silent 20 bus is very excited to be available. Our E-Karat buses will become a must for modern public transport in the near future. E

Eco-friendly, economical, quiet and comfortable
Electric buses to serve the people of Izmir, in many ways compared to the available buses are more advantageous. New vehicles, which completely eliminate the air pollution created by the exhaust gas, spend only 21 penny per kilometer. 87 percent fuel consumption compared to a diesel vehicle. In addition, buses can make more mileage when driving on slopes and generating energy when braking. 250 watches, 13 hours without air conditioning, non-air conditioner can be operated without stopping; while fully loaded, the 16 can reach the slope.

The noise and noise caused by the engines of fossil fuel-consuming buses are not in the new buses. Electric buses do not make any noise except for the air conditioner. The service life of nature-friendly buses is much longer than fuel-efficient. Spare parts and maintenance costs are reduced by the same amount of wear on the engine.

New buses that eliminate exhaust fumes and engine noise also include USB sockets that allow passengers to charge their mobile phones. Buses are specially designed for Izmir.

Lines for electric buses

90 - Gaziemir- Halkapınar Subway
23 - Uzundere- Mansion
121- Bostanli Iskele UMKonak
777 - Wildlife Park - Karsiyaka
63 - Evka3 Metro- Mansion
555 - Otogar- Halkapınar Metro
490 - Tinaztepe- Üçyol
304 - Tinaztepe- Konak
12 - Fahrettin Altay Transfer - Halkapinar Subway
969 - Balcova - Fahrettin Altay Transfer


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