Minister Arslan, We continue to weave the country with iron nets

Minister Arslan, We continue to weave the country with iron nets: The basis of Kars Logistics Center, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan was held in a ceremony in Kars.


Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Arslan, the Ministry of Education 100 thousand people as a family emphasized, to serve the country's night to the day, contributing to the whole team said.


Arslan pointed out that they continued to weave the country with iron nets from the beginning and continued:

Miş I would like to say once again that the 1950 has been completely neglected throughout the year, especially after the 50. The railways that Atatürk cares too much have been left to his fate. So what? 100 year before the road to 120 kilometers made speed, then the road began to deteriorate. We said that we will renew the road so that 'you can go 100 kilometers from here'. Once again the road is obsolete, we said that we will renew the road again. Again, we will renew the new way, we said, 'from here 70 kilometers will go quickly.' What we have done, the grandfather's house, while someone cannot be defeated, we have presented the world's most luxurious, most comfortable house, the most comfortable way to our nation. 50 of Europe. 6 of the world. We have become a high-speed train operator. yüksek

Referring to the investments made in railway transportation, Arslan said that they changed the folk song hiç Black train is delayed, maybe never come Ars.


Minister Arslan, m We are doing something else, it is very important to get rid of the land train. We're changing the Turks. 'Black train is delayed, perhaps never come from the time of high-speed train grows. We changed Turkey. The 4 is a thousand kilometers electric line, 6 thousand 300 kilometers have brought. We are not satisfied with this, 2 thousand 300 miles are currently under construction. The 5 7 has a 300 to 2. And there we continue to work on the 300 thousand 11 miles. 10 thousand kilometers of the full XNUMX thousand kilometers have been renewed. Our goal, to make the one more comfortable, we do not content with our country a president to deal with quality comfortable rail networks want to knit. "He said.


TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın In the speech he delivered at the groundbreaking ceremony of Kars Logistics Center; Bildir 300 reported that the contract price of the project to be established on an area of ​​one thousand square meters is 94 million 300 thousand TL. 412 thousand square meters of annual capacity of carrying capacity 175 thousand tons per year, stating that the 16 thousand square meters, as well as railway units, all kinds of administrative and social facilities in the center of the logistics center of the XNUMX kilometer railway line will be made and will be connected to the national railway network.

Mr. Apaydın said, erk I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the project and bidding processes in a short period of time. We wish to open the 500 in which 690 will be employed. We wish our logistics center to be beneficial to Kars, our region and our country and offer my respects. N

After the speeches, the foundation laying ceremony of the Logistics Center was held.



  1. However, passenger train operation is very weak. From south to north (such as zonguldak-Iskenderun, Samsun-Batman) and from east to west there is a need for lines such as Kars-Mersin, Kars-Izmir and Kars-Disha (Aydin). In addition, the current Izmir ankara YHT connection to Ankara or YHT connection is not appropriate at all hours, the previous hour should be planned according to the YHT Yes also Konyadan Adana and Gaziantep Konya trains from Adana and Gaziantap'a can be continued, at the same time the first lift from Konya ankara YHT Support can be given. Thus, between Ankara and Izmir, both from the centers in the direction of Balıkesir and Kütahya and from the centers in the direction of opium, the transportation is provided by rail. As a result, the first time in the history of the Republic of TCDD land passed. information, proposition. If you are going to Erzurum and Kars, then you will do YHT. Then plan and build a railway from Erzurum to Erzurum, covering Erciş and Ağrı.