From Fatih to 3.Havaliman to the Metro Gospel

Metro Gospel from Fatih to 3.Havaliman: Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş gave the glad tidings of the metro to be made to 3.

Ak Party Fatih Women's Branch of the NGO's (NGO) with the participation of representatives of the program, as well as President Kadir Topbaş Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir also participated.

Speaking in the program, President Kadir Topbaş stated that such a program could be organized with the freedom given by a democratic administration and said, “It is a good thing that there is a democratic regime. Without the democratic regime, we wouldn't be with you. If terrorist organizations like FETÖ were successful, we could not be together or if we had another regime, we would not be able to gather together and vote freely in the ballot boxes. ”

Mayor Topbaş stated that they continued their investments without slowing down since the day they took office and said, X We have invested 98 billion so far. Our investment budget for this year is 16 and a half billion milyar. Stating that the total amount of investments 2 billion 700 thousand pounds to Fatih to this day President Topbaş gave the good news to the Fatihliler: uz We are carrying out a subway project going from Xezum to 3. This subway will have a station in Fatih fire department. There will be a station on the Wednesday side. There will be a station to pick up the Cardigan-i Sharif and Wednesday's passengers. Ayvansaray'a will descend, Edirnekapı'ya will go through Eyüp and go. What we said, 'Everywhere Metro Everywhere Metro. Consider going to the metro within walking distance. You will be able to access the station within a half-hour walk. We prepared a project for Vefa Stadium. When we showed it to the Ministry of Sports, we said that we can do this project if you want. He said that when the project is finished Fatih will have a very nice sports complex.



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