İzban and İzmir Metro's Passengers Pass 1 Billion

The number of passengers transported by İzban and İzmir Metro exceeded 1 Billion: İzmir's two-rail system company İzmir Metro Inc. and İzmir Suburban System Inc. (İZBAN) have been carrying passengers exceeding 1 billion since its establishment.
33 minutes ago Izmir two-rail system company Izmir Metro Inc. and Izmir Suburban System Inc. (İZBAN) since the day it was reported to carry passengers exceeding 1 billion.

IZBAN'dan statement, 22 May 2000 came into service in the 700 million 30 2010 350 1 in the city as a suburban system, which began to operate in the 50 million XNUMX billion XNUMX million passengers were recorded.

In his statement, Sönmez Alev, General Manager of İzmir Metro, described the rail system as UM the lifeline of İzmir public transportation ın, and said that the metro is in continuous development, and that the number of stations in 16 has been increased to 10 in 17, and the number of wagons to 45 in 87. reported.

Indicating that the number of passengers is constantly increasing Alev, "Taking the tram into operation, Izmir, will become a complete rail system center," he said.

İZBAN General Manager Sabahattin Eriş pointed out that İZBAN is one of the fast-growing rail system companies in Europe and said, hızlı We are developing with an exemplary acceleration on the north-south axis of İzmir. Our line of 110 kilometers and 219 wagon will grow even more. The share of the rail system in the public transport cake has now reached 40s, which are carefully monitored, not only in our country, but also in many European cities Ray.

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