Minister Arslan, 1915 We Seen The Canakkale Bridge

Minister Arslan, 1915 We saw the Çanakkale Bridge as a must: Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said: Haber The best indicator of trust in the economy of a country is the view and interest of the investor, the financial institution abroad. 1915 was a tender that the Çanakkale Bridge purchased the specification of the most important companies in the world. Again gladly say 4 separate group, 4 separate partnership initiative has offered to tender. Yine

Arslan, in his speech at the meeting held in the Çanakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said he was very happy to be together with the Çanakkale people, who spread the yeast to the War of Independence, what it meant to be the nation, and spread it all over the world.

15 about the people of the country in July, women, young, old, more importantly, religious, language, obscure, without thinking about the ethnic structure, explaining the emergence of becoming a nation Arslan, "Canakkale, a hundred years may have passed, but the new generation did not forget the cousin . He has not forgotten what it means to fight against seven dervishes in Çanakkale. U

”From Edirne to Kars, we built a corridor on the east-west axis of 3 or 4“

Providing information about the work of the Ministry of Arslan, 2003 in the transportation master plan put forward the strategy, within this work, as well as ministerial bureaucrats, civil society organizations and universities to ensure that they have included, he added. Arslan, continued:

Unda As a result of these studies a photo appeared; we need to turn to live in this geography. If we connect Asia and Europe with uninterrupted roads, railroads or even high-speed railways, air and sea ports, we will take advantage of the transportation of the world in this geography. This is the first point we look at. From Edirne to Kars, we built a corridor on the east-west axis of 3 or 4. Again, 'not enough', we said, 'If we do not connect the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, the main corridors between the north and south of our country if we do not create again. we said. In this sense we have also identified the 18 corridor. In these corridors, we try to connect the Black Sea and the Mediterranean with divided roads, to facilitate the lives of our people, but also to provide transportation and access, which are indispensable for the development of our country's industry. Bu

The meaning of the metre 2023 meter Ayak in the footwell

Arslan stated that if all the cargo movement coming from Asia was sent to Europe via Istanbul, a bun bottle corridor like a bottle neck Ars would be formed. Arslan said that they were doing the Marmaray Project to relieve the corridor.

Yavuz Sultan Bridge and Osmangazi Bridge next to the 384 kilometer highway process started by voicing the Arslan, "However, if you don't connect Thrace to the Aegean, if you don't connect it to the Western Mediterranean, there will be an important link to that big photo." We saw the 1915 Canakkale Bridge as a sine qua non.

1915 emphasized that the Çanakkale Bridge project is a world-wide project and stated that they decided to make 2023 meters in 2023.

”I hope the 18 will lay the foundation of the bridge in March“

Arslan stated that they received the first proposal about the tender of the bridge in January and said:

. While receiving the proposals, a perception was made about the economy and the country's economy was bad and the economy of this country was unreliable. The best indicator of trust in a country's economy is the view and interest of the investor, financial institution abroad. 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, 24 was the tender of the most important companies in the world and the specification of the world's leading countries. Again gladly say 4 separate group, 4 offered to tender our separate partnership initiative. From Korea, Japan, China, Italy, 8 has offered the largest firm worldwide. 7 not only in our country, has proven itself in the world of companies in the joint venture and they have submitted proposals. 13 financial institutions worldwide with this offer, 'yes I to Turkey's economy, the future, I rely on the stability, we provide the bridge financing, "they gave the letter. As a sign of trust in this country, we have awarded the 10,5 billion, 10,5 quadrillion bridges and the 101 kilometer highway up to Malkara. 18 on March, I hope we will lay the foundation of the bridge. X

coming to Turkey from Europe when the project is finished, the Aegean, western Mediterranean and even to pass through the Dardanelles those who want to go to West Central Anatolia, from the same region, Thrace, the movement of the Balkans and Europe at Armstrong explaining to do on this route, and the country's economy it he said.

Minister Arslan, the project's preparation that much scrutiny in the process, said they made changes to prevent negative effects, touch history, "70 cents in need, hand and foot stands Turkey in the face of that when he found a few million dollars in debt, came to this situation. 6 100 thousand kilometers of divided highway that brought out the whole of Turkey 25 thousand kilometers. 26 55 with the number of airports have been removed. 35 million passengers per year, while 180 millions of output., He said.

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