Non-Working Lifts In Aydın Train Station Victims Citizen

Aydın Train Station Non-Working Lifts Victims of Citizens: The frequent failures of the elevators in Aydın Train Station, disabled and elderly citizens became victims.

The elevators which do not work in Aydın Train Station, which was opened to service last year for approximately 5 million Turkish Liras, put an obstacle before disabled citizens.

The restoration work at the end of a beautiful view, after the renovation of the Aydın Railway Station to provide quality services to citizens, often disrupted lifts and escalators, especially disabled citizens harassed. The disabled and elderly citizens who are victims of the failure and failure of the elevators want the elevators and escalators to be restored.

After the renewal of the Aydın-İzmir railway, the number of passengers carrying a record in terms of the number of passengers carried by Aydın Train Station and the increase in the number of passengers in the Aydın Train Station increases the number of passengers who cannot use the elevators and escalators. Aydin Train Station elevator and escalator failures are tried to be repaired by service officials. As a result of repairs done to citizens, the lifts are waiting with hope.

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