UDEM Hak-Sen Ask Officerun Where is 1750 Dollar

UDEM Hak-Sen Ask Officerun 1750 Dollar Where: Short name Udem HAK-SEN, as the Transport and Railway Employees Union, condemns the abusive attack in Izmir, which aims to the presence of our country and our nation, Izmir and all others who were killed in Istanbul, Kayseri and all other treasonous attacks We would like to have a health care for our citizens. Whoever is behind us will never be able to disrupt the unity and unity of our nation. We, as Allah Almighty as the great Turkish nation, will defeat all the troubles. As Hak-Sen, we continue to do everything we can for the unity and solidarity of our nation. For this reason, we will not be captive on the agenda of terrorism and we will continue as a union to seek the rights of public personnel.

2016 was a difficult year for civil servants. Officials continue to be crushed under inflation. Unfortunately, 2017 year will be more difficult for our country, especially for civil servants. First of all, I would like to point out that: According to the data of TURKSTAT, annual inflation rate is announced as 8,53 as it is known. Other SSK and Bağkur retirees took up the inflation difference. As HAK-SEN, we have been criticizing this wrong practice for years. This is a serious injustice. Our government needs to correct this issue now. Unfortunately, the trade unions were interested in everything except looking for the right of the officer, but unfortunately there was no union calling for the right of the civil servant. As UDEM Hak-Sen, we propose a solution for our inflation difference: In no way should the rate of increase to be given to the officer in any way should not be lower than the annual rate of the previous year and the welfare share should be added. Let's also say that the collective agreement should be agreed at a rate and also if the Tufe described in December of that year is lower than the hike rate that the officer receives for that year, the difference in the rate of rifle hike up to the salary of the civil servant should be to update the hike again. In other words, according to the annual inflation forecast of the central bank, the fact that the officer gave a difference in inflation was transformed into a collusion. I would like to express that we are strongly opposed to this practice as the percentage increases will increase the wage gap between civil servants. Our recommendation would be to accrue a delayed right to grant 6 TL additional hike to low wage earners.

2017, which is the January 3 increase, is insufficient. I ask you:% 3 raise to the officer, but the increases in the rate of% 20,% 40,% 60 to the participation fees. Where is justice in this? What can be done with% 3. The price increases at the beginning of the year are known: increases in taxes, levies, fines, hikes to the bridge highway, increases in diesel and gasoline during the year, very high increases in imported goods due to the exchange rate of the dollar and Euro. the real inflation of the people on the street, whose inflation is far above the visible.

As it is seen, it is becoming more and more difficult for the officer to struggle with these life conditions with 3 raise. In our country, the difference between the richest 1 with the share of GNP and the poorest 20 is gradually expanding and this creates a restless society by disrupting the social balance. How will the increase in GDP per capita by the new calculation method according to the TUIK 's new calculation method? The 2000 hike of an officer receiving 3 TL corresponds to the annual 2500 Dollars, an annual 3 TL, and the annual 75 Dollars, which corresponds to the annual 900 Dollars. Hal is like this, though; where is the rest of the officer's 3,6 Dollar? In short, employees are victims.

We are waiting for interest to solve the gangred problems from political power.

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