General Directorate of Transportation Officer-Sen Istanbul 2 Branch

Transportation Officer-Sen Istanbul 2 Branch Ordinary General Assembly was held: Transportation Officer-Sen Istanbul 2'nolu Branch 2. Ordinary General Assembly Chairman Can Cankesen, Vice Chairman Ibrahim Uslu and was held with the participation of Tümer Gümüşün. The branch manager, Süreyya Balaban, was elected as the branch chair.

Speaking at the ordinary general assembly, President Can Cankesen said, “I wish success to my friends on the board. Today, we are holding a nice general assembly in brotherhood and friendly environment. We go to the election with a single list. We have a strong branch at Ataturk Airport. We are also organized separately at the airports. We are at every airport. Our efforts are unlimited in public personnel advisory boards, collective bargaining tables at all institutions and boards in order to defend the rights of transportation employees. Let our choice be beneficial. ”

“As always, we will defend the right of employees”

Giving information about the future activities of the union, Cankesen said that they will continue to defend the rights of public employees and said, “Public officials have many neglected problems for years. Among these, there are many items that we will advocate at the collective bargaining desk, from overtime work, aviation compensation, then weekend work, festive work, university graduates obtaining 3 additional indicators, additional payments, family benefits are not reflected in retirement. Our preparations for these started. We will meet with our own institutions and boards before August, and when we sit at the table, we will sit in a full and equipped situation, as always, and will defend the right of employees. ”

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