Learn to ski in Denizli free

To learn skiing in Denizli is free: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which organizes free sports courses so that everyone from 7 to 70 in Denizli can do the sport they want, initiates a different project and introduces young people to skiing. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan announced that they first opened a free ski course for middle school and high school students at Denizli Ski Center.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues to meet the people of Denizli with sports. The 7 to 70 in Denizli, which is attended by free sports courses for tens of thousands of citizens to make sports with the Metropolitan Municipality, is signing a new project. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in the city's winter tourism in order to have a say in the city of Denizli Ski Center will start this year for the first time with the project students in Denizli will meet with skiing. First of all, students who want to learn skiing with the application started for secondary and high school students will be able to enroll in Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Sports Center and get a free ski course for the whole season starting from semester break. Ski and clothing teams of young people will be met by the Metropolitan Municipality.

“We will lay the foundations of raising national athletes“

Mayor Osman Zolan, who invited young people from Denizli to free skiing courses, offered 7 to 70 with the motto of mayan Keeping away from sports in Denizli Büyük. Ten thousand of our courses showed great interest in Denizli. Now, first of all, we will introduce our young people to the sport of skiing, which we watch envy. All middle school and high school students who want to meet for free during the semester breaks and skiing during the season. Perhaps we will lay the foundations for raising national athletes who will represent our country through these courses. Belki

National Skier Yılmaz: leri We are waiting for all young people Milli

Antrenör I'm a former national skier, ski instructor and coach. Secondary and high school students will be able to enroll in the Metropolitan Municipality Sports Center and will be able to do ski sports throughout the whole season. Ski and clothing teams will be met by our Metropolitan Municipality. We are waiting for our youth to Denizli Ski Resort Gençler.

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