Number of Stations in Fee Refund

Number of Stations in Wage Back Taxes Increased: In Bursa, the new price tariff introduced in the last week, followed by new arrangements for transportation.

While the transfer time of 60 minutes was increased to 90 minutes in public transport, the valid reimbursement application up to 14 station in Bursaray was extended to 17 station.

In all vehicles included in the integrated ticket system 90 in the 1.25 minutes in the boarding with the smart BuKart, transfer to 0,85 for the full transfer in three transfers, 1 TL in the discount transfer will be applied with the Smart BuKart, 5 to 0,35-0,25 station in BursaRay ; 6.- TL for discount, 17 TL amount will be refunded to 0,10-XNUMX station.

After the increase of 15 to 25 percent of the last week in Bursaray, the full passenger fee 2 lira 25 2 60 penny 1.50 penny, the reduced passenger fee 1 pound 75 pound XNUMX penny was raised.

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