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Trans Trade Routes was Translate to Turkey: Turkey opened an office in Bratislava-based railroad and logistics company Trade Trans, wants to be a leader in shipments to Europe. Acceleration of the liberalization process has also increased the interest of foreign investors towards Ferrous Turkey. Slovakian Trade Trans railroad and logistics company, has opened an office in Turkey last week. The company wants to be centers in Turkey and Europe will be held between been shifted.
In line with these targets, the company also invested 22m euros in the Curtiçi Terminal, which is located in the middle of Istanbul-Munich traffic. Trade Trans Holding Chairman of the Board, Dieter Kaas; "In particular, the liberalization of the railways in the process I think that many foreign companies have invested in Turkey. In this sense, we will be one of the first investors. We will continue to invest in Turkey, "he said.
The 2015 turnover of Bratislava-based Trade Trans is 180 million euros. The group has 12 companies and 52 offices in 26 countries. Trade Trans, giving nearly two years about 200 thousand tırlık transportation services to its customers between Turkey and Poland. Railways With the opening of the sector to the private sector of Turkey decided to invest in areas Trade Trans, Trans Trade A.Ş. founded Turkey in October.
Dieter Kaas, Chairman of the Board of Trade Transe Holding; "Turkey has to be integrated in a powerful way for us to the world; is a strong country with its dynamic business world, young population and successful business professionals. Government's investment agencies and people from the business world, how to be able to see that the efforts of foreign investors in Turkey. We are already about 200 thousand tırlık we give our customers transportation services between Turkey and Poland two years. In order to increase this number and to be closer to our customers, we have launched Trade Trans Turkey A.Ş. with 100 percent foreign capital as of October. Turkey is a market for inspiring us. Especially in the process of liberalization of the railways I think that many foreign companies have invested in Turkey. In this sense, we will be one of the first investors as Trade Trans. Soon the planned opening of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars With the commissioning of the line, I believe will further increase the importance of Turkey in the sector, "he said.
Freight traffic between Turkey and the European markets because they want to be the center Kaas attention they terminal investments made in Romania; “With its terminal location in Romania, it is in the middle of Istanbul-Munich transportation. The freight traffic that started in Curtiçi Terminal in 2010 continues with 17 trains per week as of today. Railway operators operating from the terminal offer regular weekly flights from Genk of Belgium, Lambach of Austria, Budapest of Hungary and Duisburg of Germany ”.
Dieter Kaas gave the following information about Curtiçi Terminal where they invested 22 million Euros in total: “The second phase investment of Curtiçi Terminal, whose first investment activities started in 2010, was completed in the last month. The terminal, established on a total area of ​​10 hectares, increased the number of lines from 2 to 7, and the annual handling capacity increased from 60 thousand TEU to 180 thousand TEU. The terminal, which handled 2010 TEU in 3, handled a total of 400 TEU in 2015. Thus, by increasing the number of loading 82 times, it became the leader in the logistics market. The most modern terminal of the region, which comes to the fore with its technical advantages as well as the increased capacity with the completion of the second phase, has been completed. A 500-container train is handled within 24 hours with two 45-ton terminal cranes and two stacking machines. ”
better assess investment opportunities in Turkey and the 16th this year in order to understand the needs of the sector, which will be held Logitrans Kaas indicating their participation in the International Logistics Fair; "I wish to be more involved in the dynamism of the industry by negotiating with Turkish shippers, logistics operators, importers and exporters," he said. That affect the company's investment plans shortage experienced in Turkey expressing Kaas; "Turkey, 80 million educated, a country that has always managed to show itself in the international arena with a dynamic young population and geopolitical position. We are not concerned with the instant, with a broader vision and strategic planning we will continue to invest in Turkey. I believe that jumped momentary difficulties with Turkey's stable management, "he said.

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