Journey In Keçiören Metro Starts At 2017

Journey in the Keçiören Metro Starts at 2017: Prime Minister Yıldırım who tested the Keçiören Metro reiterated the rod gospel 5 months ago. He said the line will be extended to Çubuk and that the enjoyable journey will start at the beginning of the year.
Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım attended the ceremony held for the start of the test drives of the Keçiören Metro and addressed the public in front of Keçiören Municipality. Stating that Keçiören Metro will be opened at the end of this year, Prime Minister Yıldırım said that Keçiören metro will be extended 27 km to Çubuk, and 3,5 km from Atatürk Cultural Center to Kızılay Square. Stating that there is only one step left for the completion of the Keçiören Metro, which has been legendary for years, Yıldırım stated that the construction of the subway started years ago and that at that time, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek started the construction of Keçiören, Kızılay-Çayyolu and Sincan-Batıkent subways. Yıldırım continued as follows: “Of course, for a municipality, these are big jobs, big money. He did it for a while, then it broke down on us. That's when I looked. At that time, our President said, 'Let's finish these subways as soon as possible, let's relieve Ankara and the people of Ankara. First Kızılay-Çayyolu, Sincan-Batıkent and now Keçiören-Atatürk Cultural Center in the next few months, I hope, the Minister says "Let's make it solid, the end of the year." What did we say? Keçiören Metro will end at the end of this year. The promise of lightning. "
“My love, let our love never end, let it be like Keçiören Subway. Let it never end. ' Now these young people, of course, should not be upset, they should find another slogan. Keçiören Metro is now ending but their love should not end, their love continues. As it ends, it doesn't stop here now. From here, we extend the subway to Çubuk, 27 kilometers. Good luck. We are adding 3,5 kilometers from Atatürk Cultural Center to Kızılay Square. The business of the president's short day. He also ripped it off today. "Good luck," he said.
Total line will be 64 mileage
Emphasizing that the rail system in Ankara will reach 64 kilometers when the Keçiören Metro is finished, Prime Minister Yıldırım said, “More than 50 stops, close to 60… Now, going from Keçiören to the center of Ankara will no longer be a pain. With pleasure, you are in the center of Ankara in 15-16 minutes. No traffic, no heat, no torment, there is joy. This suits Ankara too, it suits you too. Aren't you the ones who stand upright against the traitors on the 15th of July. Keçiören said that this will suit you, too. AK Party's 15 years, Yıldırım said the great services fit to be counted, said: "Because of our leaders at the beginning of this ruling, the founder of our party had Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan lovers. As his talent, vision and his team, we work day and night to bring our country to the level of modern civilizations. Here you can see, this is becoming an enormous park, the stream here is being rehabilitated ”.
'There is a range of construction sites'
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan stated that everyone is working day and night to put the subway into service. Explaining that only the entrance of the stations can be seen from the outside in the construction of the subway, Minister Arslan said, “You may think that a small job is being done because only the entrance of the stations is visible, but you should know that at 9 stops starting from Atatürk Cultural Center to Gazino, for 9 kilometers, double tubes are underground. there is almost a chain of construction sites. When it's finished, we will use it together and enjoy it. "Going to the center of Ankara, Atatürk Cultural Center and Kızılay from here will not be painful."
First stop 'Martyrs Station'
Emphasizing that Keçiören Metro will solve the transportation problem from the root, Yıldırım noted that test drives will be made on the subway line for a few months and that the travels with passengers will start at the beginning of the year. Prime Minister Yildirim, while dividing paths, their lives and they combine Turkey, north, south, west, his brother said that they do arise. Prime Minister Yıldırım stated that there are 9 stations on the Keçiören metro line and that the starting station is a station named “Gazino Station”. Later, Yıldırım called Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek to him and said that he had an offer. Stating that they named the starting station of Keçiören Metro as “Martyrs Station”, Yıldırım said, “In Keçiören, we keep the name of the martyrs alive. "Martyrs Station" is now the starting station of Keçiören Metro ".
Not imagine Sivas in two hours
Stating that Ankara will be a high-speed train center and that they are building a station building like a space base, Yıldırım stated that the new station building is about to be completed. Reminding that it is possible to go from Ankara to Istanbul, Eskişehir, Bilecik and Konya by high-speed train, Yıldırım stated that in 2019, Sivas, Yozgat, Kırıkkale can be reached by high-speed train and Sivas can be reached in 2 hours. Stating that they can go to İzmir, Bursa and Kayseri, Yıldırım stated that they will connect 15 big cities to Ankara by high speed train.

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