Eurasia Tunnel Passage Was Specified

Eurasia Tunnel Passed the Toll: The Eurasian Tunnel was built on two floors, one of which was a arrival. From the tunnel designed for the passage of light vehicles only, cars and vans can pass, while vehicles with a maximum height of 2.80 m can benefit. Heavy vehicles, motorcycles and pedestrians will not pass.
20 The tolls of the Eurasia Tunnel, which will connect the Asian and European continents that will be opened in December, under the sea floor through the highway tunnel, were also announced.
The maximum speed in the tunnel will be 70 km per hour, while the tolls will be 4 dollars + VAT for cars and 6 dollars for vans and VAT for Turkish VAT. Passages in both directions will be paid in the tunnel, drivers will be able to pay the tunnel toll via HGS and OGS. There will also be no cash box, and no additional payment will be made for passengers in the vehicle.



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