Alstom Hydrogen-Powered Train Is Produced

train powered by hydrogen hydrogen powered train
train powered by hydrogen hydrogen powered train

French company Alstom has developed a hydrogen-powered train. Offering a quieter and more comfortable journey than other trains, these trains are expected to become widespread in a short time.

Today, most of the long-distance trains run on electricity. In addition, the number of trains running on diesel engines is not to be underestimated.

French Alstom has developed a new alternative to diesel and electric trains. This train, called Coradia iLint, runs on hydrogen.

The 300 can carry passengers and the maximum speed that the train can reach is 140 km per hour. Coradia iLint is also able to drive 600 to 800 mileage.

The train in question will make its first journey in Germany in December of next year. With the launch of iLint, it is estimated that many train companies will buy hydrogen-powered trains. Because this train is both quieter and more environmentally friendly compared to electrically operated ones.

Coradia iLink's working principle is also very easy. When the hydrogen in the tanks meets with oxygen, it creates electricity and this energy is stored in batteries. Thus, completely clean energy is obtained.

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