10 million pounds of foreign companies want the program similar to 100 thousand liras

He made the program similar to the foreign companies demanded 10 million TL for 100 thousand TL: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation, Planning and Rail System Department Head Kadir Gürkan said that foreign companies cost them 10 million TL for the monitoring and tracking program used in the light rail system, but 100 He said that local software and programs were produced at a cost of thousand TL. Gürkan stated that the program, which has been used for 6 months, was produced by the cooperation of Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University and Samsun Technopark.
Samulaş (Samsun Project Transportation Imar Construction Investment Industry and Trade Co. acted by. As a result of the study, it was decided to create a new program due to the cost of programs belonging to foreign companies reaching approximately 10 million TL and the insufficiency of domestic software.
Action was taken to develop a new local monitoring and tracking software and program with the cooperation of Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University and Samsun Technopark. The prepared software was completed within 100 months at a cost of 3 thousand TL. The 'Rail System Monitoring and Tracking Program' started to be used in Samsun Light Rail System 6 months ago. Thanks to the software, the light rail system line 'Traffic Control Center' provides instant information flow on the distance between the trams, the location of the tram, which lap is used by the tram, whether the drivers comply with the speed limits set on the route, the shift list of the tram and the attendants to be employed.
Kadir Gürkan, Head of Department of Transportation, Planning and Rail Systems of the Metropolitan Municipality, said that they were looking for a new program as a result of insufficient current program and they were searching for about a year ago.
“The offers we received from foreign software companies we met at the technical fairs we attended were also quite high, in the order of 9-10 million TL. As such, we cooperated with Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University and Samsun Technopark. We worked together with our friends at our Traffic Control Center. We also projected this with the Middle Black Sea Development Agency and provided financial support. As a result of a 3-month study, we implemented the 'Rail system monitoring and tracking program'. Here, we follow the distance between the trams, who uses the tram, the location of the tram, the shift list and the attendant who will work, whether the wagon using the train comply with the speed limits set on the route. While this increased efficiency in our business, a good service was created within the safe and comfortable travel infrastructure. It was also a pleasure for us to realize this with our local solution partners. "
That follow different programs and software used in Turkey, but developed this model is quite simple and functional voicing Gurkan, "we can say he was one of the first aspects. We realized this program for the price of one in 10 thousand. "We realized our own software and program together with local means".
Gürkan stated that they increased the comfort and security in public transportation by increasing the safety conditions in the city by minimizing the possible risks in the public transportation and by increasing the security conditions.
“With this program, we also raise security to higher levels. In the current system, we serve with 21 stations, 16 kilometers, and 21 trams. With the commissioning of the ongoing line, the route will increase to 30 kilometers and we will receive our 8 new trams by the end of the year. Thus, we will reach 29 trams and a 30-kilometer route. Our station number will also increase to 36. We expect our daily passenger average in 2015 to reach 50-70 thousand with the commissioning of around 75 thousand new lines. As of August 2016, there is an increase of 6.3 percent in the number of passengers compared to the previous year. "

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