Eskişehir OSB Targets First

Eskişehir OSB Firsts are Aiming: Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Eskişehir OSB is an investment base that has never been less attractive because of its proximity to ports, ease of transportation of raw materials, availability of trained manpower and the fact that it is at a key point in the high-speed train project. OSB, a database and communication network which aims to Creating applications for industrial symbiosis, a first in Turkey with this feature.
Organization: 1973
OSB Structure: Hybrid
Size: 3 thousand 200 hectares
Number of Employment: 39 thousand people
Company number: 551
Authority: Eskişehir Chamber of Industry OIZ President Savaş M. Özaydemir
Eskişehir OSB, which was established under the leadership of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, is one of the most important attraction centers for investments. by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Turkey's "Most Sustainable OIZ" selected region, draws attention with 3 200 thousand hectare area and complete infrastructure giant. Eskişehir OIZ President Savaş M. Özaydemir gave information about the Eskişehir OIZ to Sanayi Newspaper. Özaydemir, the President of Eskişehir OIZ, said avantaj TCDD is expected to commence construction works and with the completion of the OIZ railway connection, all firms in the region will have significant advantages in logistics costs by making more use of railway transportation, tüm Özaydemir said.
Mechanical Engineering
Eskişehir OSB 43 years ago Özaydemir that the information made available to, when the intense demand which results in the area of ​​ASD expanded over the years the field today and it reached the size of Eskişehir OSB Turkey's told us that the biggest OIZ in one piece. Özaydemir mentioned that many companies in Eskişehir OSB are in production. The head of this subject attracts machinery manufacturing and metal goods industry. Eskişehir OSB also includes textile and clothing, chemical and plastic food, wood and wood products, natural stone and electrical equipment manufacturing industries,.
Investment climate
Eskişehir OSB President Özaydemir, Eskişehir important highway and railway routes as well as being at the intersection point, Gemlik Port 160 kilometers, Istanbul ports 290 kilometers away from Eskişehir in terms of new investments, he said. Özaydemir stated that they provide full service to all investors on equal terms and said eyen A very special and easy climate has been created for investors who want to invest in Eskişehir OIZ Tüm.
Natural gas plant
Eskişehir OIZ President Savaş Özaydemir said that Eskişehir OIZ had a natural gas power plant and that the science park and its technology development zone brought together industrialists and scientists. Özaydemir, kısa The logistics problems of logistics center and industrialists are solved in a short time. With Wastewater Treatment Plant and Laboratory, respectful production is supported. Apart from these, in Eskişehir OSB, it is possible to provide continuous and higher speed internet access with fiber optic cable connection to companies. Fire, electricity, natural gas and so on. problems are produced immediately. In addition, the Business and Trade Center, which provides assistance to firms in the OIZ, serves. Ayrıca
New projects
Stating that the annual export amount of the industrial establishments in Eskişehir OSB exceeds 1,2 billion dollars, Özaydemir stated that efforts are being made to increase this. Noting that Eskişehir Chamber of Industry and OIZ continue to carry out the first and exemplary projects in Turkey, Özaydemir said that the industrial zone's contribution to Eskişehir's economy in defense and aviation industry with the new OIZ areas, which will also include the automotive, rail systems and logistics areas. kazanHe announced that they are working to get rid of it.
Support to education
Eskişehir OSB President Özaydemir, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry by the establishment of various training centers in the OSB, centers of industry and OSB training center continued by the training said. Özaydemir, CNC operator training and training center, industrial automation center, welding technologies training center, rapid prototyping training center, welding technologies, destructive and non-destructive testing center, three-dimensional coordinate measurement (CMM) training which will serve to other sectors, especially in aviation industry center for the use of industrialists said.
Renewable energy
Eskişehir OSB, which is the biggest cost for investors to reduce energy and reduce the possible energy openness to evaluate renewable energy options Eskisehir OSB President of the War M. Ozaydemir, 50 megawatt power wind power plant (RES) in the OIZ within the boundaries of the 1 megawatt solar power said that they are awaiting approval for the solar power plant (GES) project for the production of electricity.
a first in Turkey
Eskişehir Chamber of Industry OSB President Savaş M. Özaydemir:
Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, the European Union's new framework program Ufuk 2020 program was included last year. In this context, we carried out studies with ”industrial symbiosis” project.
The project will be implemented only in Eskişehir OSB in Turkey. The total budget is 5,9 million euros and is included in the 15 joint project from different countries in Europe. As a result of the needs analysis and feasibility studies to be carried out, we aim to implement pilot applications for industrial symbiosis facilities. Software program will be developed under the project, from Turkey located in Europe and will only be tested in a pilot 4 Eskişehir OSB industry is located. With the project, solid inputs and waste in these regions; energy and water; information and human resources; potential symbiotic relations in areas such as transportation and logistics. In addition, a database and communication network for industrial symbiosis applications will be established. With the ShareBOX software to be developed, it is planned to make significant progress in energy efficiency and environment for companies. Targeted energy savings are projected as at least 15.

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