Intercity Railways

BTK Railway line works at full speed

BTK Railway line works continue at full speed: the viaducts on the Kars River are placed. The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway line continues uninterruptedly. The cradles of the viaduct under construction on the Kars River are set. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Width of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

The Best of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge: Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Istanbul's 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, will be opened on August 26. Here are the features of the giant bridge, days before its opening… 3rd Bridge connecting the two sides of the Bosphorus. [more…]

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Eurostar employees strike

Strike by Eurostar employees: Employees of Eurostar trains going from England to Europe left their jobs to protest working conditions. Employees of Eurostar high-speed trains connecting London, the capital of England, to Europe, to protest working conditions [more…]

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Gebze-Halkalı line at 2018

Gebze-Halkalı 2018 is OK in February: It is expected to carry an 75 passenger per hour in a single direction.Halkalı The suburb of Marmaray CR3 project is underway. According to recent data, physical realization for suburban improvement [more…]

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Boztepeye Adventure Park

Boztepeye Adventure Park is Established: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Enver Yılmaz, an adventure park for those who want to spend adrenaline and fun time at 530 altitude, where holidaymakers and tourists flock to visitors. [more…]

35 Izmir

Dark Death

Dark Death: Tram poles within the scope of the Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, where lighting poles were removed, Lütfiye Yurdaer (60) and Ecem Haliloğlu (26), who wanted to cross the road, lost their lives after being hit by the car. Haliloğlu, 10 day [more…]

34 Istanbul

The last stage of the Canal Istanbul Project

Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, has reached the final stage for the Kanal Istanbul Project: “The tender for the survey, project and engineering services of the 3-Storey Great Istanbul Tunnel Project was awarded to Yüksel, one of the major consultancy companies in Turkey. [more…]

16 Bursa

from BURULAŞ Kabataş Pier description

From BURULAŞ Kabataş Pier description: BURULAŞ, until the renovation works at Katip Çelebi Pier is completed Kabataş He announced that the Iskelesi will continue to be used. Within the scope of the square arrangement project to be made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kabataş Jetty by the sea [more…]

01 Adana

Adana High Speed ​​Train Project

Adana High Speed ​​Train Project is in Tender and Construction Phase: It has been reported that the Adana High Speed ​​Train Project is in the construction phase in some parts and in the project phase in some parts. TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın, 1 June 2016 [more…]

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Here Kabataş Seagull Project

Here Kabataş Seagull project: 'Seagull Project' to be built by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to integrate sea, rail and road transport in Istanbul “Kabataş Transfer Center Project ”started. Due to construction [more…]

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Fourth 3rd Bridge

3. bridge: 3 in Istanbul where we had the opportunity to cross the days before the opening. first impressions from the bridge can be summarized in 3 word; “Comfort, confidence, comfort. Cumhurbaşkanı President Erdoğan will open the new bridge. Asia [more…]

tudemsas rgns freight car

TÜDEMSAŞ to Export Freight Wagons to Europe

It has been reported that the wagons produced by TÜDEMSAŞ operating in the Sivas Organized Industrial Zone will be exported to Europe. Yıldıray Koçarslan, General Manager of Turkey Railway Machinery Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ), to Sivas Governor Davut Gül, within the company [more…]