TONSO President Hacısalihoğlu Trabzon - Iran railway connection should be established as soon as possible

TONSO President Hacısalihoğlu Trabzon - Iran railway connection should be established as soon as possible: Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Suat Hacısalihoğlu reminded that negotiations were conducted between Russia and Azerbaijan and Iran to create a new trade and transportation route from the east, bir Turkey, which can be by-passed. For this reason, the Trabzon - Iran railway line should be realized as soon as possible, and the goods of Iran should be sent to the world via Trabzon -.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian President Putin's 9 A day before the meeting in St. Petersburg, a vital summit that took place more emphasize Suat Hacısalihoğlu for Turkey's economy, said:
"Turkey - Russia a day before Russia summit, Iranian and Azerbaijani delegations met. Very important issues that concern us were also discussed. Transport and visa issues between the three countries directly concerns Turkey. Mr. Putin put the visa and transportation in the foreground during his meeting with us. Similarly, the same issues were raised at the meeting with Iran and Azerbaijan. The absence of a visa between countries will ensure the development of trade. However, it also means that Russia, as a railroad in transportation, goes to Iran via Mohaçkale - Azerbaijan, and means that a new transportation route is realized in the east of our country. We should read this as follows; Russia now wants to open up to Iran via Turkey. Iran has many products that will go to Russia with products such as fresh vegetables and citrus, various mines, marble, and construction materials. However, Iran's hand is tied up because it cannot meet the competitive conditions. ”
Stressing that Iran is looking for alternative ways because of the high transportation costs caused by the highways when sending the goods to the world, President Hacısalihoğlu continued his words:
"Trabzon port must take place before the moment of a rail link to Iran, this corridor Turkey as we are, 'Let us do this trade. We can buy Iran's property and sell it to Russia, even the whole world. But the point is, we have a new line in our birth. We believe that our bureaucrats are working on this. From the perspective of Iran, reaching Trabzon is more rentable. From Trabzon to the world, the other way can only reach Russia or the Turkish republics. Turkey can be a by-pass here. 3 is seeing state. But the response to this call should connect Turkey to the Iranian port of Trabzon hold it fast railway line. Because you need to make moves. If this is the case, we should be able to develop our businessmen's investments and commercial relations by discussing these countries with the ease of visa. In terms of capital, we need to open the front of our businessmen via Eximbank. The increase in our export, production and capacity in the world market is the spread of our businessmen to these regions. Our businessmen should definitely go to our neighbors without a visa. İş
Railway lines in the international market through our country would strengthen Turkey's hand Hacısalihoğlu President also emphasized, "Turkey gave weight to the rail in recent years. The important thing here is the transportation of goods by rail. Consider the railway connection from the Black Sea to GAP and to Iran. When we read the history, we see that many countries are involved in the Trabzon-Iran railway connection. Some of our neighbors were involved in not making this line. Some countries also supported the construction of this line. How strategically and economically important Trabzon-Iran railway is is also remarkable for the countries outside of us. We believe that this railway will be built as soon as possible, and that the investment island and logistics center that will be put into practice in Trabzon in the coming period will be functional. Turkey ranks first as a truly reliable investment destination in this region. We need to prepare the infrastructure. ”
Hacısalihoğlu, Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran in the energy talks on the subject of cooperation, this issue should be noted that the issues that should be emphasized.
Hacısalihoğlu, who reminded that there is a significant decrease in export figures after the aircraft crisis with the Russian Federation, said:
"Turkey of the products it sells to Russia was decreased by around 1 billion pounds. However, there is a decline of 3,5 billion by the Russian Federation. These figures show us that the resentment has damaged both countries. Neighbors' fight always hurts both sides. 9 In August, we saw signs of good political and economic progress in the future. Not a moment of improvement, of course. Exports of fresh vegetables and fruits and textile products will be improved in a shorter time, but improvement in the construction sector may take a little more time. Yaş
President Hacısalihoğlu, emphasizing that the events in Syria and the TAF's Euphrates Shield Operation are important for Turkey's future steps, said, “We also need to organize our point of view towards the south from an economic point of view. Will we break away from the West? No way. The Republic of Turkey makes 55 percent of its exports to European Union countries. KazanWe have an established ready market. On the one hand, we must not lose this market, and on the other hand, we need to find a place for ourselves in the new groups to be established in the East. He concluded his statement by saying, "We need to implement our future-oriented projects with an economy model that is at peace with the whole world, and with a strong, upright understanding."

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