Historic Çivril Train Station Service Building

Historical Çivril Train Station will be a Service Building: The change in the zoning plan for the 1 thousand square meter area in Çivril Train Station in Çivril district of Denizli, which was purchased by TCDD for 253 million 54 thousand liras in January, was approved by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Council.
1892 thousand square meters of land and 1988 separate stone buildings in the Lower District, which was built by the British in 54 in Çivril district of Denizli and closed by the TCDD in 7, were bought by Çivril District Municipality for 1 million 253 thousand liras. Last month after the acquisition, District Mayor Gürcan Güven announced that some of the historical buildings were planned as new service buildings instead of the old city hall. The decision, which came to the district city council, was accepted under the harsh criticism of the CHP members. The decision that caused controversy in the district came to the agenda in the 4th session of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Council, which was held on Wednesday. The new service building was unanimously accepted at the session chaired by Vice President Ali Değirmenci.
Çivril Mayor Gürcan Güven said, “In the past years, we bought the TCDD lands, which are planned to be built and built, with the immovables on it. This will be Çivril's vision. We will make this the most favorite area of ​​the district. Our parks in the Çivril district center and our current municipal service building are unable to meet the needs. We plan to build a municipal service building where the old fire station in this 54 thousand square meter area is located. After restoring 7 historical stone buildings in the land in accordance with its original, we will put it into service as social areas where cultural activities can be performed. We will create parking areas and cafe-style places with the arrangement and planning we will do in the area. ”



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