Alsancak-Eğirdir Railway Line Between Kemer-Gaziemir Stations 3. Line Extension Project EIA process started

TCDD 3. Region Alsancak-Eğirdir Railway Line Between Kemer-Gaziemir Stations 3. Line Extension Project EIA process started

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report prepared by ETC Environment company for the “Line Addition Project between Alsancak - Eğirdir Railway Line Kemer - Gaziemir Stations”, which is planned to be carried out by the 3rd Regional Directorate of the Turkish State Railways Enterprise, was submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

"Purchasing of Survey - Piano Engineering for 3nd Line Between Alsancak - Eğirdir Line Kemer - Gaziemir Stations" in the investment of TCDD XNUMX. Regional Directorate was carried out by Enye İnşaat.

According to the project, the 3rd line additional project planned to be built between Kemer - Gaziemir stations will be constructed in parallel with the existing İZBAN line. A 8.5 million TL resource will be allocated and a tunnel will be opened between Kemer and Gaziemir. Freight trains will be directed to this 3rd line. Thus, İZBAN passenger trains will not have to wait for freight trains to pass from time to time.

A third line will be built between Kemer Gaziemir, İZBAN, a joint project of TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. It is planned to alleviate the load in the system with a new line that will be built parallel to the existing line used by both passenger and freight trains. Within the scope of the project, a new road will be opened with a tunnel outside the existing line. The new third line to enter from Kemer will leave the borders of Gaziemir after 3 kilometers. The tunnel, which will start from the 14th kilometer of the line, will end at the 4.2th kilometer. After the tunnel exit, the line will continue parallel to the existing line. This third line of TCDD for freight trains will connect the Alsancak Port and the route in the South. Between Kemer - Gaziemir Stations III. The total project price was determined as 6.4 TL for the infrastructure and superstructure works planned to be carried out within the scope of the line addition project and the establishment of the art structures planned within the scope of the project. Below are the work items and their prices (TL) subject to the project cost calculation:
Project Cost Project
Tunneling 8.000.000
Infrastructure Works 235.000
Superstructure Works 2l5.000
Grilles 180.650
Bridges 345.000
General Total 8.975.650

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