Transport Heralds from President Soyer

transportation news from the president soyer
transportation news from the president soyer

The people of İzmir are shaping the future of İzmir with unity. The third of the Buluş İzmir Meetings ğı initiated by İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer was held under the title of “Transportation and Public Transportation.. Hundreds of participants expressed their thoughts about transportation and listed their suggestions at the meeting which lasted three and a half hours. Mayor Soyer said that democracy is not to go to the polls every five years. I hope that our meetings are an inspiration to all of Turkey, set an example, "he said.

The third “İzmir Meetings ılan initiated by Mayor Soyer to shape the future of İzmir with a participatory understanding and to manage the city in solidarity and unity was held under the title of ve Transportation and Public Transportation de at Kültürpark İsmet İnönü Cultural Center. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, who applied to the opinion of the citizens on ği the future of Kültürpark inde in the first meetings and erişim access to agriculture and healthy food isinde in the second, listened to a large number of İzmir people at this meeting with the theme of transportation; took notes, answered questions. Soyer was accompanied by the bureaucrats of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the transportation related units.

We produce together
The Mayor made the opening speech of the meeting Tunç Soyer, the director of the city of common wisdom, the decisions related to urban emphasized the importance of making together, "Izmir we began to date with the name of the meeting to be inspired to Turkey, get samples. Democracy does not mean to go to the polls every five years. In order to create urban consciousness, we must think about the city and produce ideas together. These meetings serve to open the channels. There are meetings that enable citizens to contribute to the mechanisms that implement urban practices. We made culture and agriculture, every time we received very good intentions. There were very fruitful meetings. ” The meeting, which was also broadcasted live on social media, reached a hundred thousand users instantly.

5 burned thousand hectares area
In his speech, President Soyer also mentioned the forest fires in Izmir and said that the burning area is not 500 hectares, but that 5 is over a thousand hectares according to the latest findings. Describing the forest fires as one of the biggest fires in the history of İzmir, İzmir Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality made the following words in his evaluation regarding the campaign initiated by saying acak İzmir will be born from the ashes;. “İzmir lost her lungs. Now the Aegean Forest Foundation has launched a donation campaign. But it's not just about planting seedlings. From the kind of tree to be planted, it needs to be taken in many areas, from its protection to the citizens' awareness of its ownership and education. Please tell us your ideas. Very important advice came. The exciting thing is; The people of İzmir have extraordinary sensitivity. ”

Izmir 30 meets for forests in August
Mayor Soyer said that the next İzmir Meeting will be held together to decide the future of the burning forests. “30 In August we decided to hold a fire meeting in the burning area. We wish that our citizens who want to express their opinions orally in addition to the written messages sent to us should express themselves. Then, as the Izmir Metropolitan Council, we decided to convene in an extraordinary way. We will decide on the suggestions and ideas that we mature from there and take them to the Governor's Office. We will consider the opinions of all the people of Izmir in the council of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is the largest decision-making body. We will make decisions about the future of Izmir. We look forward to 30 August. We want to take the decisions that will affect the future of İzmir together in that square. ”

Good news
Soyer, while talking about the proposals for the solution of the traffic problem in the center of the city, said that the traffic will be taken underground in front of Alsancak Station so that traffic congestion will be overcome. Mayor Soyer said that they are working to expand the use of bicycles in the city. Upon the demand to increase the number of public transportation vehicles with bicycle apparatus, Soy 60 was the number of vehicles with apparatus. 236 has just been bought. There will be 296 units. 26 will be able to get on the buses from Izmir using folding bicycles as of August ”. In addition, Soyer's transfer centers will be put toilets in all, citizens can see the stops where the bus stops and how many minutes after the waiting line of the system will follow the description of the system will be set up in the hall was greeted with applause. Mayor Soyer also mentioned the demands of Izmir Institute of Technology students regarding transportation problems and said, un Peace of mind. You will not have any transportation problems in the new education period. There are surprises for transportation students. We will share with you in the coming days ”.

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