The subway in Bursa failed, the passengers were stranded

In Bursa, the subway broke down, the passengers were stranded: Bursaray, who made the Emek-Caryatağı expedition in Bursa, had a hard time due to the malfunction in my electricity system. While some passengers were suffering, Bursaray flights returned to normal after 13 minutes of work.

Bursaray metro train moving from 18.40 from Emek Osmangazi District of Emek District to Osmangazi-Şehreküstü metro station

Some passengers on the train consisting of four wagons suffered panic due to hot and stuffy. After about 5 minutes, the passengers reacted when the lighting of the train went out. Vatmana addressed some passengers, the doors wanted to open.

Meanwhile, some citizens, police teams and health teams gave notice. After stopping the malfunctions in Bursaray, the flights returned to normal. Medical teams, fenalaşan passengers were made ready to intervene in Şehreküst stop.

BURULAS officials, 13 minutes after the elimination of the electrical failure continued to voyage announced.


In the meantime, the breakdown of the train is 30 year, 2014 year was learned in December. 44 wagons are in service between Emek-Arabayat.

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