Zonguldak-Kozlu starts the rail system

Zonguldak-Kozlu rail system for the start of the initiatives. Zonguldak, Zonguldak, a project that will improve the quality of life and improve the quality of the public transport system to implement initiatives for the implementation of the rail. Zonguldak Deputy Mayor Erhan Darende, the implementation of the system will do interviews with foreign companies by specifying, yabancı Build-operate-transfer model will be done, will not cost anyone. If Kozlu does not look hot, we are determined to make it to the frontier, which is the border. Eğer
Zonguldak is working to ease the traffic and to facilitate the transportation of the citizens of Zonguldak-long-term rail transportation system is being initiated to implement the public transportation system. It is thought that the rail system will increase the quality of life in the city and make a positive contribution.
Zonguldak Municipality and Kozlu Municipality's joint work, the system is planned to be implemented with the ağı build-operate-transfer ediy model. Deputy Mayor of Zonguldak Erhan Darende, Zonguldak-Kozlu announced the beginning of the attempts for rail transport system.
Negotiations with foreign companies for the work to be done jointly with the Municipality of Kozlu Darende, said on the social networking site sharing the following:
Esi Our attempts to implement the rail transport system between Kozlu Municipality and Zonguldak-Kozlu are starting. I hope it will be good. Everything for Zonguldak. We continue our initiatives with foreign companies. On Monday, a foreign company will invite us to their country to exchange views and show their works and tour the factory they are manufacturing. I hope we will get a positive result. Olumlu
Zonguldak Deputy Mayor Erhan Darende stated that they had met Türker Baykan, the Deputy Mayor of Kozlu Municipality, about the rail public transportation system and said ile We discussed the issue with Türker Bey the day before. He said he was gonna transfer it to Ertan Bey. This system 'build-operate-transfer' model will be done, will not cost anyone. Ertan I think the President will look hot on the subject. If they don't, we're committed to the gasoline line. After the talks with foreign companies, the delegation will come and examine the routes. Yabancı
Kozlu Mayor Ertan Sahin stated that they have not yet met with the authorities of Zonguldak Municipality about the rail public transportation system. Mayor Şahin stated that the authority of realizing this system is in the provincial municipalities, belir I made research before Zonguldak Municipality about this system. The cost of the system is high, the 1 mileage costs about 1 million dollars. However, the future of Kozlu is important, the interests of society are important, the economy moves to the second plan. We will do research, investment costs fall, we can think of such a system, Araştırma he said.

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  1. This first step is positive, but think broadly. Look to reach Kdz Ereğli with a project to be made from here, so consider business between Ereğli and Zonguldak. In the long run, aim for business between Ereğli Karabük.