Mamure Train Station Martyrs commemorated with prayers

Mamure Train Station Martyrs were commemorated with prayers: The traditional "Marching to Osmaniye Martyrs" program, organized by Civil Society Organizations, was held at Mamure Train Station because of the 94th anniversary of Osmaniye's liberation from the enemy invasion. For those who want to attend the event held at Mamure Train Station, 15 kilometers from Osmaniye, a specially prepared train service was made from Osmaniye Station.
Governor Kerem Al, Mayor Kadir Kara, Chief Public Prosecutor Ali Irfan Yilmaz, Osmaniye Korkut Ata University Rector. Dr. Orhan Büyükalaca, Provincial Police Director Nurettin Gökduman, Provincial Director of Public Institutions, representatives of political parties, martyrs and veterans of the association came to the train station Mamure Train Station.
The ceremony at Mamure Train Station started with a moment of silence and reading of our Independence Anthem. Following the recitation of the Quran after which it was read, the Provincial Mufti Ramazan Çortul prayed for the souls of our martyrs.
Following the ceremony, İsmet İpek, Head of Osmaniye Branch of Turkish Red Crescent, made a speech on the meaning and importance of the day on behalf of Non-Governmental Organizations. Talking about the struggle in Osmaniye during the occupation and our heroes of the national struggle, İsmet İpek commemorated our martyrs with mercy, gratitude and gratitude. İsmet İpek, who wanted to save the Mamure Station, came to Domuzludağı on 17 November 1920 with a detachment of Saim Bey, Osmaniye, Kadirli and Kozan gangs and watched Mamure. Saim Bey's detachment, who wanted to raid while the French soldiers were training, came close to the Station through the pines, but "could not find enough bullet range to open fire" and gave up the raid. He spent the night in the ruins that people call the German Hospital. On the morning of 18 November 1920, Saim Bey, who was moving at dawn, came to 50 meters from the old switch point called "Tek Mansion" by the people and gave the order to attack. Saim Bey, who caught fire for a while, called out in Arabic to attract the Algerian Muslims in the French headquarters; Ene Muslim, Ente Muslim! (I'm a Muslim, you're a Muslim too!) In the turmoil that followed the answer of "Alhamdulillah", the bombs dropped one after another from the station building made the whole place "hell". kazanIt's like I exploded”. Many wounded and 15 martyrs were given. Saim Bey is injured. Saim Bey, who thinks that his friend Recep, who wants to take him in his arms, is his enemy, is angry. “Get out bastard! Do you think you're going to take me in just because I'm hurt?" Saim Bey, who was taken to Kozan on a stretcher made of trees, was buried in the Kozan Cemetery. We commemorate the Reverend Martyr Saim Bey and our martyrs with mercy.” said.
In the last part of the ceremony, Governor Kerem Al and the members of the protocol read the prayers for the souls of our martyrs, leaving the carnations in the memorial where the names of our martyrs were written. In his speech, Governor Kerem Al wishes that the ceremonies of our martyrs will contribute to the transfer of our values ​​to the next generations by remembering the history and the nation. May the spirits be a shady. Ruh

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