Konya Metro Project Which Stage

Konya Metro Project Which Stage: AK Party Konya deputy Omer Unal, found the evaluations of the agenda. Ünal answered the question of the progress of the metro project.
AK Party, Konya Provincial Chairman of the meeting, AK Party Province Board Members Mehmet Acar and Mustafa Torun attended.
In the 2015 year, two important elections in the country that expresses the AK Party Konya deputy Omer Unal, seçimler 7 After the June elections, the result of the coalition process came to a negative result when our country went to a re-election in November 1. 1 November, not only in Turkey; it was an important choice of the whole ummah. As a result, our nation, the ruling of the AK Party with the 49.5 again decided to come to power alone, "he said.
In the election process, Prime Minister and President Ahmet Davutoglu promised to fulfill the promises, the innovations promised to fulfill day by day, said Unal, va This is the promise of the AK Party once again promises to everyone. All the promises of the AK Party will fulfill the promises. No doubt about it ”he said.
Unal also made statements about the new constitution, ği We, as a party with the support of the opposition want a civil constitution. In this sense, our Prime Minister Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu met with CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu in the last week as you know. Today, he will meet with MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli. Our party is ready to do everything we need for a whole new and totally civil constitution by negotiating with every part of society. I hope that this work with parliament in history, I think, '' he said.
Responding to a question about the metro project, which is expected to be brought to Konya, Ünal said, en Many important services related to the transportation of Konya have been implemented so far. There are ongoing investments. New projects will be ready as soon as the construction will begin. Konya Metro is a project that Mr. Prime Minister has been following and giving importance to since the beginning. The criticism of the opposition is out of place. They are criticizing only without producing any projects. Of course, the opposition has a job like criticism. But it's not just criticism. Therefore, this important project is walking and I hope this beautiful service will be presented to our citizens in Konyalı will be presented as soon as possible. Dolayısıyla



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