Çayyolu Metro's Söğütözü station increased leakage and extended work

In the Söğütözü station of Çayyolu Metro, the leakage increased and the water leakage of the Çayyolu Metro in Söğütözü station increased, while the work of the municipality teams to find the rock of the leak was prolonged.
Ankara Hurriyet, 'the water effect in traffic' news after the news, the excavation work will be completed by the end of the week indicating that ASKI officials, Ankara Hurriyet in their statement yesterday, the study said that the week will hang. Workers in front of the traffic in front of the Armada for a week before the traffic lane wanted to end a few weeks, the authorities said they want to finish the following:
Ik During the studies, we encountered an old structure belonging to the Highways. Therefore, the studies have failed for a few days. We'il finish it by the middle of the week. The concrete canals, which we call 'box' made by highways, did not appear in the system. During the studies we noticed. Our teams are trying to drain the rainwater drain line, which will drain the surface water, without damaging the structure. Ekip
On the other hand, the leak at the Söğütözü station scared the people of Ankara because of the risk of causing a bigger problem, while the MTA station began to leak water from the ceiling. Station officials in the region of Söğütözü station "caution slippery floor" warning signs by putting the warning to try to take measures, MTA station in the area of ​​stairs leading down to the stairs in the area where the water dripping warning sign and bucket under the ceiling was placed.

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