High speed train good news from Davutoğlu to Europe

High-speed train good news from Davutoğlu to Europe: Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu stated at a press conference with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov that they dreamed of realizing a high-speed train from Istanbul to Sofia and from Sofia to Europe, saying, “Again, Bulgaria committed to connecting lines with Turkey, "he said.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu held a joint press conference after meeting with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. . We are also tradition,. Said Davutoğlu Borisov, thanking Borisov for his guest charm. Cyprus, Azerbaijan visits and then I made my first visit to Bulgaria. This is a requirement of the neighborhood. We are both allies and allies. We have common interests, our common destiny, our common vision on many issues. Today, with my dear friend Borisov, I was very pleased to see this perspective during the meeting between the delegations. 4 will be one of the most important elements of our agenda in the coming period. Especially in the field of transport, we are ready for all kinds of cooperation with Bulgaria, especially in the field of energy, agriculture and water Meric. 2019 billion dollars in the volume of trade at the first opportunity to increase the billions 5 is our goal. Our investment in 10 billion dollars is our goal to increase the Turkish investments in Bulgaria to 2 billion. We can also carry out large transportation projects together. I would like to congratulate my friend on the highway of Meriç. Likewise, our dream is to realize a high-speed train from Istanbul to Sofia and from Sofia to Europe. Again motorway in Bulgaria with Turkey are committed to connecting transportation routes. We are also ready to work together in the field of interconnecti energy in Bulgaria in the context of the TANAP natural gas project from the Caspian Sea Ayrıca.


Davutoglu, agriculture in the field of agricultural projects in Bulgaria, indicating that one of the important goals of Davutoglu said, belirten The mutual assets of each other about the historical assets of our mutual culture is a necessity. Our compatriots living in Bulgaria is a bridge between Turkey and Bulgaria and they are always in this land as equal citizens of Bulgaria, to show in their territory and live in peace together in the context of naturally make every effort to do our best. Besides, I would like to thank you once again in the presence of the support of Mr. Borisov in his speech at EU Council. Turkey to Bulgaria, the EU's door. Hopefully we will act together when Turkey enters the EU together with Bulgaria in a much wider catchment area, "he said.


Prime Minister Davutoglu, said that some of the topics discussed within the framework of the policies of the Balkan region, continued his speech as follows: "Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey in the interest of all of us to work in public areas. He had very fruitful consultations on this issue. Of course, the most important issue we all face in the world today is the problem of tragedy and refugees. It is the heart of Syria that peace should be realized and this issue should be dissolved in Syrian territory. But unfortunately flock fleeing from the oppression of a barbaric regime should both terrorist organizations in Syria to Turkey, Bulgaria, they come to Europe. They are also about management, which in the last European Council in addressing them in an orderly manner, we consider the Turkey-EU Summit. extremely fruitful cooperation between Turkey and Bulgaria. Today, our Minister of Internal Affairs has addressed these issues. All again in April to discuss them in Sofia, Bulgaria-Turkey High Level Cooperation meeting, we decided to do. There will be second. Previously Borisov came to Turkey and then held the meeting Başbakanımızla. Now we will come to Sofia, and we will continue the beautiful tradition of Borisovl, which was initiated by our President as the Prime Minister, in the coming period Şimdi

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