Channel Istanbul setting for BOT model

Channel Istanbul setting for the BOT model: The obstacles to the implementation of Kanal Istanbul with the Build-Operate-Transfer model will be overcome with legal regulations.

Known as the "crazy project", Kanal Istanbul was included in the 64th Government's 2016 Action Plan announced by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. The plan also referred to the legal regulation regarding the construction and operation of Kanal Istanbul. "Channel" statement will be added and the tender process will be accelerated by making a legal arrangement for Kanal Istanbul, which cannot be put out for a tender with the BOT model, since the term "channel" is not included in the Law on Making Some Investments and Services within the Framework of the BOT Model.


Kanal Istanbul, the European side of the city will be implemented. One of the two new cities will be established until 2023 at the point where the channel joins the Marmara Sea. The length of the channel will be 43 kilometers, its width will be 500 meters, 400 meters at the base. The depth of the water will find the 25 meter.

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