Pepper Robots at train stations in France

Pepper Robots at train stations in France: Pepper robots with the technology of sensing people's facial expressions have been employed in many jobs for a long time. The last stop of the robots was the train stations in France.

Pepper robots are a joint venture of French robot manufacturer Aldebaran Robotics and Japanese bank company SoftBank Corp. The most important feature of this robot that can work in the service sector is to be able to perceive the statements of the opposite person and analyze the tone.

Pepper robots were previously used in hotels, banks, and industries that offer similar services. The robot, which has a tablet on its chest, can also provide control to people across it while providing service. The new task of the robots is to inform the passengers at the train stations in France.

With the pilot application launched at the 3 train station for now, Pepper robots will be able to meet and provide information to passengers arriving at the station. Information about the train routes and times, information about the region is available. Pepper robots will also be able to share the information the tourist information office will provide with tourists. After a trial period of 3 months, France will make a decision about the usefulness of railways. If this decision is positive, the robots will continue to serve by adding to different stations in different parts of the country.

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