For the Rehabilitation of Marmaray Suburban Line Halkalı Demolition started in Gebze line


For the Rehabilitation of Marmaray Suburban Line Halkalı Demolition of the Gebze Line has started: Rehabilitation of the suburban line has been started within the scope of Marmaray, a giant transportation project that will breathe into Istanbul. Halkalı62 building along the 200 kilometer line to Gebze in Istanbul, 60 station 300 gate will be demolished.

HalkalıMarmaray, which is based on the construction of the Railway Strait Tube Crossing and the improvement of the suburban railway system in Istanbul extending from Gebze to Gebze, continues rapidly. Within the scope of the project, rehabilitation of suburban lines was begun. In the first stage, 22 building, 46 station, 11 highway overpass, 5 highway underpass, 8 river crossing bridge, 7 pedestrian underpass and 11 pedestrian overpass will be demolished along the 5 kilometer line between Gebze and Pendik.

Gebze-Halkalı MTKA Construction Demolition and Debris Removal Services Company General Manager Mehmet Ali Bulut, who undertook the first stage of demolition by contracting with the Spanish company which has been awarded the contract for the improvement of the suburban lines, said that the destruction will take place at the 4 stage.

It will be demolished

Bulut, said: e We took the demolition of the first stage from Gebze to Pendik and we demanded the other 3 stage. The destruction of the first stage will be completed in 4 months. A few of the river crossing bridges will be demolished by diver. Considering all stages, starting from Gebze HalkalıThe 62 building will be demolished along the 200 kilometer line which will go as far as dwelling houses, expropriated buildings, station structures and train maintenance hangars on the grounds that it will be an obstacle to the new train line. 60 station, 30 highway overpass, 40 highway underpass, 75 pedestrian underpass, 35 pedestrian overpass, 30 river crossing bridge and 90 water crossing channel will be removed.

Traffic flow will not be interrupted

Bulut said that during the demolition, the relevant units were interviewed in order to regulate the flow of traffic. All of them cannot be closed to traffic at the same time. The people will be destroyed one by one in order not to be victimized. One of the traffic will be closed and demolished, a new one will be made, then the other will be demolished, '' he said.

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