Bus and train are not counted from the transportation vehicle

Bus and train are not counted as a means of transportation: According to the long-term rental drivers survey of the car rental company LeasePlan, which has a fleet of 32 million with its 7 thousand 100 employees in 1,5 countries, the car is considered the most important means of transportation.

The rate of those who see their car as the most important means of transportation is 94 percent. The rate of the train in the second row and the bus in the third row is 1 percent. Research shows that alternatives other than cars are not welcomed.

Considering their rental and private vehicle preferences, the rate of those who prefer to rent in developed countries is higher. Turkey is the country's most popular private vehicle by 24 percent. with 23 per cent in India, Turkey, followed by Australia with 17 percent. Spain ranks first in leasing with 84 percent. Greece is second with 78 percent and Germany is third with 78 percent.

The biggest threat to drivers is smartphones

53 percent of the respondents said, “Is it your car or your mobile phone?” The car answers to the question. "I can't make a choice, they're both equally," says 34 percent. On the other hand, it turned out that 81 percent of the drivers did multiple things while driving. 69 percent say they talk on the phone while driving. While 19 percent of average use social media or messaging while driving 22 percent in Turkey this phone to play Whereas according to statistics the accident rate 2,8 times, 1,3 times the talk is increasing.

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