The Great Revolution in Antalya Public Transportation

The Great Revolution in Antalya Public Transportation: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel's decision on the public transport; It was approved unanimously in the UKOME General Assembly, and approved the decision of Türel.
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel announced that he will give good news in public transport, the first steps were taken. It was learned that the decision of UKOME General Assembly was taken unanimously on 9 August 2016 Tuesday and sent to Antalya Mayor Menderes Türel for approval and the decision was approved by the president after 3 day. The new app wants the majority of trades, but the shopkeepers do not want the heads. Transportation trades, ül We support the new practice as the majority trades. But our presidents and their administrations do not want and support the new application, they divide the tradesmen, they know themselves. Ama The chairman and executives, who are the representatives of the tradesmen, argue that the tradesmen do not want the new practice.
According to the details of the decision taken in UKOME, all minibuses, midibuses and buses in the private sector will be buses with 9 passenger meters, 28 passengers, 42 passengers and 70 passengers. KENTKART company, municipal company Transportation Inc. ANTALYAKART carried out on behalf of these vehicles in terms of revenue obtained from transportation to separate pool systems and money pool instead of a single pool system will be brought. The concept of providing transportation services with different types of vehicles will end. Passenger capacity will be almost doubled. For new buses, tradesmen will be free to choose brand and model. All vehicles will be given a restricted plate consisting of a new letter group, so that the tradesman's restricted license plate rights will be protected, and a tender will be held in the municipality for all these operations. A price like 50 thousand liras will be determined for participation in the tender. Only the transportation tradesmen will be involved in the tender. As a result of the new application and a single pool system, the multi-headed public transport, the passenger-grabbing war between the minibusist and the coach, and the adventure of racing with each other on the routes will end completely.
Since 93 red colored AN-plate buses of Pamphylia consist of two M or AB plate vehicles, their numbers will be increased to 2 and 186 will turn into new buses. The 77 M plate minibus with 406 units and the mid plate with 669 pieces AB plate will turn into one new bus. So AN, M and AB plate bus, minibus and midibuses will be a total of 31 new buses. The minibus, which is included in the collective transportation from Döşemealtı, will be a new bus. The number of 151 private blue and white private public buses connected to the Private Public Bus Cooperative will be doubled and 302 will be the new buses instead. In this way, public transport will be provided in the private sector together with a total of 1002 9 meter low floor buses.
In the city also kazanAfter the tender, about 15 blue-colored terminal buses provide transportation services in the private sector. The municipality officially provides transportation services with 40 red buses with black plates, ANTRAY, the nostalgia tram and the sea bus.

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