Mobile applications make transportation easier in cities

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Mobile applications facilitate transportation in cities: applications developed by various public institutions and private companies, which can be installed on smartphones and tablet computers, reduce the time loss by providing convenience in the daily life of citizens especially in cities.

These Internet-based applications help citizens on many issues ranging from the road traffic situation to the transit route of the public transportation vehicles, the presence of important locations on the map, and the appointment of health care appointments.

Information and warnings made through the applications reduce the time loss in daily life and contribute to increase the quality of life of citizens.

Public institutions also have the opportunity to offer a variety of services that make life easier through mobile applications.

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent, the "Istanbul Mobile City Guide", which can be easily downloaded to smart devices, displays the route of the destination on the map in graphics and text.

Citizens who benefit from this service of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) have the opportunity to learn the closest pharmacy, cultural center, theater hall, shopping center, police station, school, hospital, hotel, parking lot and stop.

  • Those who want to get rid of traffic, this program is downloading

One of the mobile applications that drivers apply to get rid of the traffic density in Istanbul is “IMM Ceptraffic”. Passengers who download the application to which camera recordings are transferred with all the data received from the roads, are directed to alternative routes for economical and comfortable travel at any time of the day.

Rail system stations can be easily seen on the map in the "Metro Istanbul" mobile application of Istanbul Ulasim AS. Thus, passengers can instantly access information about disabled access centers, toilets and elevators at stations while following up-to-date flights. Passengers who forget their belongings on the subway can also benefit from the application, which provides services in Turkish, German, Arabic, English, French and Russian.

Drivers are also using the "ISPARK" mobile application to detect suitable parking lots in Istanbul and to solve the problem of finding a place. With the free download application, drivers who see the closest parking lots on the map can instantly access all the details about the car park they have chosen.

Thanks to the "MobİETT" implemented within the framework of the "Smart Transportation" project of the Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Operations (IETT), information on the routes chosen by the passengers is immediately reflected on the screens. Users who install the application with "smart stop" technology on their mobile phones can see the nearby stop and the estimated arrival times of the buses passing by on the map after sharing their location information.

Citizens can also access the "IMM White Table" service through mobile platforms, where they can convey their complaints, requests and wishes. Using the application, citizens who make complaints and applications from their venues can instantly track their past applications. Complaints and requests within 10 kilometers of the selected location on the map can also be read through this application.

Directorate General of Highways services offered Turkey "Traffic" directions to drive the mobile app, helping the total distance and time issues. With the application used on smart phones, it is possible to obtain information about the routes that are closed due to road works, as well as to quickly inquire about passage violations related to the Fast Pass System.

Using the “Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS) Mobile” application of the Ministry of Health, patients and their relatives can make appointments for state hospitals and oral and dental health hospitals and centers. Citizens have the opportunity to select the hospital and doctor they want on the date they set, by calling the "ALO 182" MHRS Call Center or using this application over the internet.

The “E-Pulse” mobile application, launched by the Ministry, enables citizens to access examination, examination, treatment, all health information and medical resumes from one place. The application, in which healthcare services can be evaluated and personal health information can be managed, can be downloaded free of charge on smartphones and tablet computers.

Citizens who want to follow the "Mobile Parent Information System" of the Ministry of National Education can also monitor the status of students on tablet computers and smart phones as well as desktop applications. Parents can obtain information about students' exams, projects, grades, syllabus, absenteeism, transfer and placement using this application.

  • Taxi calling changed your understanding

In addition to public institutions and organizations, internet-based applications designed by private entrepreneurs and companies also serve to facilitate urban life.

Passengers who benefit from "BiTaksi", one of them, can call a taxi wherever they want and follow where the vehicle is on the map. With the application, which can be paid by cash or credit card, the performance of the taxi driver can also be evaluated.

The public transportation guide application “TRAFI” offers various information about rail vehicles, metrobus, bus, ferry and ferries. With the application, routes of public transportation vehicles, timetable and closest stops can be displayed.

  • Disabled people are not forgotten

Some mobile projects are also implemented in Istanbul to relieve the lives of the visually impaired.

In this context, the "Audio Description from Mobile" project, implemented with the support of a GSM operator, enables the visually impaired to watch the vision films shown in movie theaters on their smart mobile phones with audio description. Visually impaired people can now follow the movies with the project, in which the scenes without dialogue in the films are also explained in detail.

The officials of the IMM Directorate of Disabled People designed an application that can be installed on mobile phones and tablets in order to provide easy access to the information of disabled centers in the city. In the content of the application, in addition to the information about the activities of the directorate, the "sign language video dictionary" is available for use.

In order for the visually impaired citizens to find the stores they are looking for in shopping malls without any difficulty, a GSM company initiated the "Voice Steps" project.

With the project, the visually impaired can easily reach the point they want in some shopping centers with the voice guidance given to their smart phones by the mobile application they download.

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