Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Akçaray Starts Work

📩 07/12/2018 17:56

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Akçaray started work: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Akçaray tram project for infrastructure work Yahya Captain Salkım Söğüt Street closed a lane to traffic.

Infrastructure works for Akçaray tram project, which will be realized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, will be started.

Yahya Kaptan Salkım Söğüt Street, a strip of road was closed to traffic. Asphalt trimer excavation was started in Salkım Söğüt Street where traffic from a lane was provided. While excavated asphalt trucks are being loaded from the working area, asphalt excavation works will be replaced by substructures such as electricity, natural gas, water and sewage under Akçaray route line. There will be no infrastructure under the route the tram will pass.

Yahya Kaptan Salkım Söğüt Road continues to flow as a single lane in order not to block traffic flow. After completing the work at Salkım Street, work will begin on Hanlı Street. During the work, traffic will be directed to alternative routes in order to avoid traffic disruption. Working plans are being prepared to minimize the environment and traffic.

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